Acronis Files Connect 10.5

Acronis Files Connect

formerly ExtremeZ-IP

What’s New in Acronis Files Connect

Acronis Files Connect introduces several of new features for both Mac users and Mac administrators, such as a new Mac client application, real-time search index updates, Spotlight search for SMB file shares, and more.

New Mac Client Application

A handy unified interface to instantly locate and access all file shares and DFS resources available on your network via both AFP and SMB.

Key Features

Simplest file share location

  • Find and open a file you’re looking for with one click
  • Bypass the process of individually mounting file shares
  • Connect via both AFP and SMB
  • Browse a list of all network printers and quickly add them to your Mac

Fast, powerful search

  • Use a new Mac menu bar tool or the Mac client application interface to perform Spotlight searches of SMB file shares
  • Search by targeting one, many, or all available file shares
  • Utilize advanced search query parameters, including Windows and Mac file tags

Search indexing enhancements

Real-time granular search index updates

Acronis Files Connect continuously monitors for changes in file shares and updates search index granularly, affecting only recently changed files, even when indexing remote content on other file servers or NAS.

Intelligent handling of archived files

Acronis Content Indexing will detect and omit file system archiving ‘stub’ files from search indexing, allowing Spotlight search to be enabled for a file share – even if it is managed by an HSM / file system archiving solution.

File indexing exclusion rules

Control your search indexes by excluding a subset of folders or file types from Acronis Content Indexing. File exclusions can be configured on a per-file-share basis, allowing content that is not necessary for indexing to be omitted.

File content indexing limits

With the new ability to limit file content indexing, Acronis Files Connect can be configured to only index the first few MB of each file on your server, significantly reducing the search index size when several large files are involved.

Integrated Windows Search controls

View the indexing status and issue a re-index command for a file share you’ve selected to index with Windows Search, directly from the Acronis Files Connect admin console. File shares will now be automatically configured for indexing.

Extensive Mac tags support and optional support for Windows tags search

Perform searches for files that have standard Windows or Mac file tags added to them. Acronis Files Connect now translates Windows tags so they can be viewed within a file’s ‘Get Info’ details on the Mac.

Other enhancements

Smart handling of Windows .URL shortcuts

Acronis Files Connect 10.6 includes a Volume Properties option to convert Windows .URL shortcuts to Mac alias. If these shortcuts point to UNC paths that Acronis Files Connect is giving AFP file share access to, Mac users will be able to double-click the .URL file to open the item it points to.

DFS Connect is now included in the base license

The DFS Connect feature, which was previously available as an add-on to perpetual licenses of Acronis Files Connect, is now included in the base license. All versions of Acronis Files Connect will allow publishing of your DFS namespace to Mac users via the new Mac client application.