December 22, 2015
Case Studies

Phoenix Printing Plates Eliminates Connectivity Issues, Improves Productivity

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Phoenix Printing Plates, award-winning flexo printing plate manufacturer in the UK, operates with their designers and production teams under constant tight deadlines. Using Macs as quickly and efficiently as possible in this production-driven environment is a requirement. Prior to using Acronis, the company’s Mac users were not able to efficiently connect to their Windows SBS 2010 Server, wasting time and reducing productivity. Folders were slow to display contents, searching was impossible, and reading and writing files was sluggish for users. Within 30 minutes of installing Acronis Files Connect , the entire studio was connected to the Windows Server, resulting in more productive Mac users with fewer IT and performance issues. In addition, the solution does not require the installation of additional software on the Mac clients.

Acronis Files Connect cures two of the biggest IT headaches when it comes to file sharing. It helps IT support the increasing numbers of Mac users by virtually eliminating file sharing support issues and enables them to access their files from anywhere and from any device.

“Everyone in the studio now gets a seamless connection and experience, and everyone is happy,” said Kristian Wells, Repro Account Manager at Phoenix Printing Plates. “We don’t even realize that Acronis Files Connect is running as once it is installed on the server we don’t ever need to touch it.”

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