January 15, 2016
Case Studies

Rust-Oleum Turns to Acronis to Securely Access Corporate Files On the Fly

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Worldwide leader in paints and coatings gains value and mobility for iOS users with Acronis Files Advanced. 

The company has worked hard to maintain its legacy of innovation, both with regard to its products and among its employees. This includes the tools Rust-Oleum employees are provided to do their jobs better, smarter, and with more efficiency. Rust-Oleum’s objective was to find a new way to make users more mobile and provide the systems and file access they are accustomed to, in a more efficient manner.

“Acronis allows the Rust-Oleum iPad users to grab the content they want and access corporate files on the fly, without the hassle of having to carry a heavy laptop and boot up. They can read and edit the most up-to-date documents, make decisions, and get back to people in a timely manner, totally streamlining their work process.”

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