January 15, 2016
Case Studies

TTS Group Solves Mac Connectivity Challenge with Acronis Files Connect

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If you are in the business of advertising and marketing, you probably know that in order ot keep up with the latest and greatest marketing techniques, you can no longer live without mobile technologies which help improve productivity, real-time collaboration, time to market and gain an innovative advantage. The evolution of mobile devices - from smartphones to tablets to wearables - is one of the key factors rapidly pushing the marketing world to do things differently. Not only do marketers have to adapt hundreds of images and messaging for websites and print and online publications, but now they also need to be adapted to what are becoming smaller and smaller screens. Marketers, who can deliver value on the road will make a difference to customers looking for secure access, convenience and simplicity to make their jobs easier.
Marketing professionals a​nd graphic designers tend to use the latest and greatest Mac Pros, but if they are working in a mixed environment of Windows and Macs (perhaps with different versions of hardware and Mac OS), they will no doubt be encountering major incompatibility issues. To learn more on how TTS Group UK, a leading online retailer for Education, equipped their team or marketers to improve its Mac-user integration with Windows, performance and customer satisfaction.

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