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Data powers every business’ bottom line. It’s no wonder then, that companies are outsourcing their IT needs more than ever, relying on the expertise offered by professional managed service providers (MSPs). For MSPs, this means that the MSP software they use is more important. With the right tools at-the-ready, you can serve businesses with limited budgets and knowledge, significantly enhancing their technological capabilities.

In fact, the MSP market is estimated to reach $257.84 billion by 2022. While this may sound like a golden age for MSPs, the increased demand for data protection services in particular raises the bar on what customers are expecting. To compete in such a crowded marketplace, MSPs must carefully choose their managed service software to ensure it delivers the components and capabilities customers seek.

To meet your customers’ demands for heightened data protection, you should consider:

  • How reliable is the data protection you offer – and how easy is it to use?
  • How efficient is the MSP software you use?

What data protection do you offer?

For today’s businesses, downtime is not an option. Even short periods of blocked data access can result in expensive fees, recovery costs, lost productivity, and reputational damage. Customers are concerned about the level of data protection they can count on from managed service providers – and your ability to deliver in a crisis (or to prevent one in the first place) can be the difference between winning and losing a sale or retaining a customer.

For MSPs delivering data protection services, you must ensure the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security of customer data at all times – and the software you choose has to be up to the task.

data protection for MSPs

Differentiation through data protection

Integrating solutions that offer comprehensive data protection for your customers is a key way to differentiate your MSP software from your competitors and ensure that their business-critical data is kept safe and secure. Today, such high-quality services don’t have to break the bank either, making them accessible to SMBs and enterprises alike.

The reliability of a solution is a critical consideration when choosing the managed service software you will use to protect customer data. Some ways to evaluate that dependability include:

  • Taking advantage of trials or demos of new software components
  • Learning how software components from different vendors interact with one another
  • Connecting with existing MSP users to learn how easy it is to integrate a particular data protection solution into other MSP software and tools you use

Components that play nice

Given today’s complex, evolving IT environments, you’ll find that few data protection solutions are “one-size-fits-all.” But it is possible to ensure that the components of your managed service software can integrate and work in concert – without compromising data protection.

Consider working with a vendor that delivers multiple solutions via the same MSP software. Leading providers now offer different software components via one solution, so you don’t have to cobble them together – reducing the risk of compatibility issues and time wasted learning individual tools.

For example, one backup vendor may also deliver file sync and share, disaster recovery, and notary services that ensure data authenticity. This kind of unified solution helps streamline your customer’s data protection plan, while positioning you to deliver more value and simplifying your life.

Evaluating your MSP software’s efficiency

No matter how thorough your data protection services are, they need to be easy-to-use and efficient. Being able to check-in and report on system performance and data safety are essential to your ability to deliver high-quality solutions.

To make your managed service software stand out in the busy MSP industry – and make managing your clients’ IT infrastructure even more streamlined and productive – there are two key tools worth your investment:

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software can be incredibly beneficial for your team. These tools deliver an at-a-glance view into how your customers’ systems, applications, and terminals are performing – helping to ensure your team can respond quickly to any issues.

After these issues are addressed, remote monitoring and management allow you to deliver prompt incident reports if they are requested and ensure your clients remain compliant. In addition to making your day-to-day easier, it also benefits your customers: they enjoy smooth sailing (and are more likely to refer you).

Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools

Professional Services Automation (PSA) software ensures prompt access to 24/7 software support from your vendors. That support is invaluable when the inevitable questions arise regarding the third-party components that make-up your managed service software.

Many vendors use PSA tools as a streamlined helpdesk and ticket-tracking system that provides you and your customers complete transparency into issue management. Today, leading software providers offer both professional services automation and remote monitoring and management across all their services – equipping you with both of these tools so you can provide quicker responses to issues and more reliable, efficient, and secure customer data management.

Final Thought

For MSPs to stand out in an increasingly crowded industry, the ability to comprehensively protect customer data and respond quickly and transparently when problems arise is crucial. This ability depends significantly on the components that make up your MSP software.

Acronis Cyber Cloud for MSPs provides a single-solution for many of the key IT processes your customers need to run smoothly. To ensure data protection for all your customers, these solutions deliver comprehensive cyber protection – defending their data from loss, corruption, ransomware, and more – while protecting your reputation at the same time.

Adding Acronis Cyber Cloud to your tool belt provides you with a single platform that allows you to deliver five in-demand technological solutions:

With Acronis Cyber Cloud all your customers’ backup and recovery needs are covered with complete data protection and the latest innovations backed by advanced blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies.

Interested in learning more? See what Acronis Cyber Cloud can do for MSP business today.

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