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Acronis Cyber Cloud 简介

Acronis Cyber Cloud 是一个使服务提供商能够以轻松、高效且安全的方式提供网络保护的平台。

只要一个解决方案,您和您的客户就能获得备份、灾难恢复、基于 AI 的恶意软件和勒索软件防护、安全和管理工具、文件同步与共享、以及基于区块链的文件公证和电子签名服务,并且所有这些都从一个中控台进行管理。


  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud


  • Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud


  • Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud

    建立在 Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud 基础之上,针对虚拟和实体工作负载的交钥匙灾难恢复即服务

  • Acronis Cyber Files Cloud


  • Acronis Cyber Notary Cloud


  • Acronis Cyber Infrastructure

    可品牌化、不断扩展、经济高效的领先多用途 SDS 解决方案



  • 只需点击几次便可开始运行
  • 采用 Acronis 托管模式,无需投资
  • 一次简单部署即可获取三大服务
  • 新合作伙伴的过渡期
  • 管理储存等级与成本
  • 平衡恢复速度与成本
  • 遵守当地法规
  • 25 种语言的用户界面可供选择
  • 提高平均每用户收入 (ARPU)
  • 销售更多服务与储存
  • 轻松定制产品
  • 捆绑其他服务
  • 所有服务的白卷标选项
  • “Powered by Acronis”标志
  • 将数据本机储存在 Acronis Cloud Storage、AWS、Azure、Google Cloud Platform 或您的数据中心内
  • 比竞争对手保护更多的客户数据源
  • 提供 Acronis 托管、混合式或服务供货商托管的部署
  • 可调整适应任何定价模式
  • 可与 Autotask、ConnectWise、cPanel、Flexiant、HostBill、Kaseya、CloudBlue、Plesk、WHMCS 等原生集成
  • 提供用于额外集成的 API
  • Acronis Active Protection 用于防御勒索软件
  • Acronis Notary 和 Acronis ASign 用于基于区块链的数据验证
  • Acronis Universal Restore 用于快速恢复至任何硬件
  • Acronis Instant Restore 用于数秒内恢复系统

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud


Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 提供了备份与全栈下一代防恶意软件保护和全面端点管理工具的独特集成。这种协同作用消除了复杂性,因此服务提供商可以在不断降低成本的同时更好地保护客户。




防范恶意软件的下一代全栈保护,以及基于 AI 的勒索软件和加密挖矿检测


节省 IT 资源的全面而简单的端点管理工具包

Acronis Cyber Cloud





为何要成为 Acronis 的合作伙伴?


持续了解 Acronis Cyber Cloud 提供的新功能与优点,改进您的服务。




使用“Powered by Acronis”标志来完全重塑您的解决方案,利用 Acronis 品牌知名度所带来的优势,向您的客户展示您的解决方案建立在可信赖的平台之上。

参加 Acronis 营销计划

您和您的客户将有机会参加 Acronis 新闻发布会、案例研究与其他营销计划,协助您拓展市场。

30 天免费试用期

向客户提供 Acronis 服务的产品示范以及 30 天免费试用期,尽可能降低进入障碍。Acronis Cyber Cloud 服务试用可自动转换为付费订购授权。


专门的专家小组提供售前与售后服务,协助您任何顾客产品周期阶段提供支持服务。我们特别针对经过认证的 Acronis 合作伙伴提供 24/7/365 免费 Tier II 技术支持服务。


Acronis 专业服务团队会帮助您确保成功安装启用 Acronis。获得专业的复杂部署协助。


Acronis 培训与认证课程旨在教导您在可能的最短时间内销售、施行及解决所有挑战。

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Looking for Help?

Frequently asked questions
Can I use a single account to manage all my customers?
  1. A single partner administrator account can manage day-to-day operations, like checking statuses and performing file restores.
  2. An individual customer account must be created for initial agent deployment and some restores. This account can be linked to the same email but must have a unique account name.
  3. Individual accounts are created for security purposes. They provide data isolation between customers.
During the SP trial period, what happens if a partner provisions a customer's account under Production mode? Will that be chargeable?

While the main SP account is completing a trial, the rest of the accounts created (whether in trial or production) will not be chargeable during the 30-day trial period.

Can I configure custom branding or white labeling for a partner?

Yes. it is possible via the Settings --> Branding tab. If you would like to redirect your own URLs to access Acronis services, you’ll need to take some additional steps. Please refer to this Knowledge Base article for guidance.

How can an admin control login access?

The company administrator controls access through user management, specifically:

  • User account creation
  • User account deletion
  • User access suspension
  • User role assignment
  • User service access
What kind of reporting is available through Acronis Cyber Cloud?

Acronis Cyber Cloud provides two types of reporting:

  • Service usage reporting (also available via API) provides actual usage data for every service on the platform and every metered offering item (the number of protected devices by type, GBs of storage used, etc.)
  • Dashboards and widgets provide detailed information about customer service activities (their success/failure status), storage locations (available space), alerts, and other parameters
Does Acronis provide a REST-API?

Yes. A developers guide can be found here.

What certifications are required for the partners' engineer to support Acronis Cyber Cloud?

Partners are required to do online training (available at and become Acronis Certified Engineers for Cyber Cloud to provide 1st level support.

Is Acronis support available in my country?
  1. Acronis remote support is based in India, Singapore, Russia, Switzerland, and Bulgaria.
  2. For service provider solutions, Acronis provides 24/7 worldwide support via email, chat, and phone. Support is provided only in English. For more info visit:
Can my customer call your support?

In our service provider model, the service provider conducts Tier 1 technical support for the customer.

Self-service Support

In case you have any difficulties, we have collected all the useful materials for this product in our FAQ, Knowledge Basevideo tutorials and documentation. Also you can always ask your question on our discussion boards.

Contact Technical Support

Customers with active product maintenance or subscription are entitled to 24/7 technical support. Follow the instructions at the Technical Support Site to get prompt support by phone, chat or e-mail.