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CommonSpirit Health, one of the largest nonprofit hospitals in the US, has seemingly been hit by a cyberattack. The organization faced a disruption of its IT systems that led to some delays in patient care.

According to reports, the IT department identified a security issue affecting some facilities. As a precaution, certain systems were taken offline according to the existing incident response plan. The hospital network did not confirm the cause of the incident, but multiple sources believe it to be a ransomware attack.

CommonSpirit Health manages 142 hospitals and nearly 1,000 care sites in 21 states, with around 150,000 employees. The organization claims that disruption to patients was minimal in the aftermath of this incident, with few needing to be sent home.

Acronis Cyber Protect detects and blocks malware used in such attacks, with the included multi-layered Behavioral and AI-Powered Detection Engines. The integrated disaster recovery option ensures smooth continuation of the business systems. 

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