• Rapid and precise detection and response
    Rapid and precise detection and response

    Replace or augment the security capabilities included in Microsoft deployments and / or in Microsoft’s Defender for Microsoft 365 (MDO) with a most effective advanced threat prevention solution on the market. Acronis alerts teams when malicious content is detected and prevents the threat from spreading to end users by dynamically scanning every file and URL for content-related threats like:

    • Ransomware and malware
    • Malicious URLs embedded in files
    • Advanced attacked such as APTs and zero days

  • Integrated incident response and support
    Integrated incident response and support
    Acronis Collaboration Apps Security for M365 includes oversight from a 24/7 incident response team at no additional cost. This ensures that deployment administration is effectively managed, system policies are optimized, and security incidents are effectively remediated for your clients. Save up to 75% on SOC resources required to operate a fully managed incident response service.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
    Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
    A single platform offering a consolidated view of all incidents, real-time alerts, and forensics. Acronis Collaboration Apps Security for M365 is included in an administration platform that allows MSPs to enable cloud-based email security, data protection, DLP, endpoint protection and other Acronis solutions.
Complete M365 protection

Acronis Collaboration App Protection for M365 provides a 360-degree advanced threat protection for content-based attacks, designed to replace or Augment Microsoft’s security services.

Microsoft Defender
Microsoft’s Built-in Security
Detection accuracy
Level of analysis
CPU-level dynamic analysis
Signature based
Detection speed
Near real time
5-20 minutes
<30 seconds
Dynamic file and URL scanning
24/7 incident response managed service
Available 24/7
Multi-tenant single-click deployments
Individual deployments needs
Policy settings
Advanced and flexible
Administratively cumbersome

Acronis Collaboration App Security for Microsoft 365

Better security for your clients’ critical cloud collaboration applications

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