Ransomware protection for business data and systems

While some bad actors attempt to insert malicious code to disrupt your data, others may try to steal valuable information from your devices or deny you access.

Ransomware protection for business data and systems

Ransomware comes in two forms: blocking your users from accessing data and files, or demanding payment in exchange of unlocking your system. These hostile activities can infiltrate servers, computers, smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices. In reality, nearly 40% of the victims who pay the ransom never get their data back and 73% of those that pay are targeted again later.

While you may believe your data is of no value to someone else, it is critical to your business operations. As the world moves to extended remote working environments, this type of organized criminal activity will only increase. Take proactive steps to defend yourself and your business, before your data, systems, and applications are lost.

Ransomware protection

Modernize your cybersecurity with integrated cyber protection

Acronis Cyber Protect natively integrates cybersecurity, data protection, and management to protect endpoints, systems and data.

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Faster Detection, Better Protection

Cybercriminals infect Windows and Linux machines with malware that hijacks computing resources to mine cryptocurrencies without the user’s knowledge. Cryptojacking not only slows computer performance, increases energy costs, and damages hardware, the infection usually injects ransomware to maximize the malware’s profitability.

Quickly detecting and terminating ransomware is important. The faster the threat is stopped, the less time it has to encrypt and destroy files. Depending on how frequently you perform backups, you might only lose a couple of hours or days.

Many products sold as antiransomware can stop attacks, but don’t help you recover from any damage that occurred prior to attack detection. Others can assist in post-attack recovery, but only of smaller files. Active Protection detects and terminates ransomware attacks, then quickly and automatically restores any damaged files regardless of their size.

Tried and tested against industry leaders, Acronis Cyber Protect outperformed the rest with zero-hour protection of top attacks.

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Proven protection against ransomware

In three separate studies, independent testing lab NioGuard Security Labs determined Acronis offered the best defense against modern cyberthreats.
Proven protection against ransomware

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