mobilEcho and activEcho Drive Greater Management and Security in Enterprise Content Access, Sharing and Syncing

Acronis Cyber Protect
formerly Acronis Cyber Backup

As organizations increase their use of mobile devices, it is becoming very apparent that the ability to access, sync and share content is a critical factor for their users. While many organizations have focused on MDM and the management and security of devices, organizations looking to the future are have content on their minds. How do we give mobile users secure access to content? How do we allow them to securely share content? How do we get them access anytime, anywhere and from any device? And how do we do all of this while addressing all of our security and management needs? How do you stay in control?

Acronis mobilEcho and activEcho do just that. They provide organizations, many in regulated industries, a comprehensive, secure solution for:

  1. Accessing corporate content on file servers, NAS and SharePoint.
  2. Sharing files and content with co-workers and with external parties such as customers, outside partners, and outside vendors (e.g. legal counsel, accountants, banks, etc.)
  3. Syncing and sharing content across all of your devices – desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Today, Acronis announced mobilEcho 5.0 and activEcho 3.0. These products introduce a set of great new features that will further help IT departments determine and employ the correct content access, sharing and syncing solution for their organization. Both these new versions deliver new functionality designed to make life easier for the IT administrator. 

  • Common management console – the common management console makes it much easier to manage both solutions. It also includes a single common installer between the products.
  • Acronis Policy Engine – one of the most powerful features of mobilEcho and activEcho is the ability to set policies across a vast number of components. Both products deliver a level of granularity in management and security that is unmatched.
  • Common Auditing Log – following the theme of common components, we now have a common auditing log for both mobilEcho and activEcho. This gives IT the power to survey who looked at what files, who shared what with whom and more. This feature provides all the necessities in case of an audit.
  • Content expiration – in mobilEcho we now have the ability to set expiration dates on content saved locally on the devices. This limits data leakage and gives IT more control over the enterprise’s critical and sensitive content.
  • Role based administration – with mobilEcho, you now have the ability to set up a hierarchy of role-based administrative responsibilities. For enterprises with multiple geographic locations, or simply just large implementations, this functionality becomes critical in scaling rollouts and overall ongoing management.
  • Basic users – with the new activEcho, we are now introducing the concept of a Basic user. A Basic user is one that you may only need to share something with one time, and it’s a one way interaction. You share a file with them, and they don’t need to do anything else with it. They can’t share that same file with anyone else, they can’t make changes and send back, they can’t invite others, etc. It is simply a one way share. This Basic user, which is now free and unlimited, is perfect for situations when you may want to share something but it’s a one-time event. For example, think about a legal counsel sharing sensitive documents with a client. Or a bank sharing mortgage documents with a customer. 

There are many other features as well but those are some of the highlights. But the best way to learn more about these new products is to go to our website where you can learn more and download a free trial:  

mobilEcho web page and free trial

activEcho web page and free trial 

About Acronis

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