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Cyber protection across the NIST Framework with Acronis for MSPs

As a managed service provider (MSP), you need to go beyond the academic aspect of NIST 2.0 and explore pragmatic insights that take root in your daily IT workflow, propel your services and boost profitability against a competitive market. With cross-NIST cyber protection, your security services will align with each NIST function to not only help your business deliver unmatched business resilience to clients but also unlock new revenue. 


  • Extract practical, MSP-focused insights to align security strategies and incident response plans (IRPs) with NIST for your clients. 
  • Identify new revenue growth opportunities and augment MSP profitability with the value-added benefits of cross-NIST integrated cyber protection. 
  • Refresh your knowledge of NIST Cybersecurity Framework and deep dive into the newest function, “Govern.” 
  • Fortify your business’ reputation as a trusted advisor in managed security to strengthen client-service provider relationships. 

Get up to speed on the newest edition of the NIST CSF and learn how to put it in action to lower your clients’ overall cyber risk. Unlock the white paper today.

Acronis Cyber Protection across the NIST Framework