07 April 2020

DCIG Top 5 All-in-One DRaaS Solution Profile

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DCIG Top 5 All-in-One DRaaS Solution Profile

Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud was named a Top 5 solution by market research firm DCIG. DCIG identified eleven different solutions from vendors that met the following inclusion criteria and picked the top 5:

  1. Pricing to include the subscription costs; the different subscrip­tion periods available; and, the events and services the solution includes with each subscription.
  2. Orchestration to include the types of services that a provider offers for recovery, such as runbooks and testing; the types of recoveries it supports; and, the types of cloud infrastructure the provider makes available to host the recovery.
  3. Protected environments to include the types of applications, data, hypervisors, and operating systems protected by the provider’s backup software.
  4. Disaster recovery (DR) testing to include the DR testing options available, the maximum duration of DR tests, and the number of virtual and physical hosts that an organization can recover in the provider cloud.
  5. Recovery to include the service level agreements (SLAs) that a provider offers for recovery times; who determines if a recovery should occur; and, the levels of availability and redundancy that the provider’s cloud offers.
  6. Cloud choice to include the industry certifications the provider’s cloud offers and the countries or continents where its data centers are located.
  7. Support to include the individuals that provide the support, support response times, and the ways in which each provider handles multiple concurrent DRs.