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  • Acronis protects world’s largest alumina refinery from data loss
    Acronis protects world's largest alumina refinery from data loss

    With Acronis, we have significantly improved our Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). We find Acronis is the best solution to protect our data and support our disaster recovery plan.

  • Johnson Electric quadruples backup speed with Acronis
    Johnson Electric quadruples backup speed with Acronis

    The speed with which we can now backup and restore business data was a big selling point for us. Acronis Backup gives us confidence because we know our data backups are complete.

  • Granite Ridge Builders use Acronis to protect their data from ransomware
    Granite Ridge Builders use Acronis to protect their data from ransomware

    The tight integration with Hyper-V makes Acronis Backup Advanced the best choice for easy and quick backup of virtual machines. Installation and configuration is easy.

Your business deserves proven cyber protection

Approved corporate endpoint protection for macOS
Approved corporate endpoint protection for macOS
AV-TEST participant and test winner
AV-TEST participant and test winner
VB100 certified
VB100 certified
ICSA Labs endpoint anti-malware certified
ICSA Labs endpoint anti-malware certified
AV-Comparatives participant and test winner
AV-Comparatives participant and test winner
G2 Server Backup Leader
G2 Server Backup Leader
Best of IT - Enterprise Data Backup Solution Award
Best of IT - Enterprise Data Backup Solution Award
Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions
Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions
ITreview Grid Award Summer
ITreview Grid Award Summer
Microsoft Virus Initiative member
Microsoft Virus Initiative member
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Comprehensive backup solution for any cloud environment

  • Protection management made easy

    Save time and money by managing backups and protection for all your cloud data and local endpoints through one singular web-based interface — no need to train IT staff on the use of several disparate solutions.
  • Flexible reporting and monitoring

    Stay on top of backup statuses with advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities, including customizable widgets, reports, and critical alerts.
  • Universal restores to any hardware

    Optimize your system recovery process and restore to a variety of physical or virtual platforms — even new, dissimilar hardware — with just a few clicks. No more wasting time on tedious reinstallation and configuration.
  • Integrated anti-ransomware

    Secure your data against modern cyberthreats, which often target backups directly and try to kill backup processes. Acronis’ advanced anti-ransomware technology keeps files safe from unauthorized modification and encryption.
  • End-to-end encryption

    Protect your data from prying eyes with multi-level encryption that includes per-archive AES-256 encryption and high-grade disk-level encryption in Acronis data centers.
  • Remote management of multi-tenants

    Manage remote offices, branch offices, and departments easily with the ability to oversee, delegate, and establish separate tenants for multiple administrators.
  • Drive health monitoring

    Identify hardware problems before they happen. Acronis Cyber Protect uses AI-driven drive health monitoring to warn you of impeding disk failure and other issues, enabling you to avoid disaster and protect your data.
  • Malware scans of backup files

    Eliminate the risk of restoring infected data. Acronis Cyber Protect uses built-in malware scanning to find and remove any lurking threats from your backups, ensuring a clean recovery.
  • Optimized data storage

    Protect more systems with minimal impact on disk storage and network capacity. Acronis Cyber Protect captures only data that’s changed since the previous backup. Deduplication minimizes storage usage by detecting repetition and only storing like data once.
  • Robust support for all systems

    Facilitate backup for both modern and legacy systems with a single solution, all through one centralized console. Migrate data between different hypervisors, and to/from physical machines or the cloud.
  • Acronis Instant Restore

    Avoid the downtime associated with other backup solutions. Should disaster strike, maintain business continuity by simply running your backup as a virtual server — no need to wait for a time-consuming full recovery.
  • Blockchain-based notarization

    Shield your data from tampering with an extra layer of protection. Powered by advanced blockchain-based technology, the Acronis Cyber Notary feature ensures the integrity of your backups.
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Get the best business backup for virtual environments with cyber protection

Every day, your critical data is at risk from accidental deletion, hardware failure, and cyberthreats that are increasing in sophisitication. Leading companies know that you need more than traditional backup for Windows and Linux Servers – today, you need the integrated cyber protection of Acronis Cyber Protect.

  • Superior backups

    Superior backups

    Recover quickly and reliably after any incident, whether the cause was accidental or malicious
  • Advanced cybersecurity

    Advanced cybersecurity

    Keep systems and backups safe with next-gen anti-malware protection, plus URL filtering, vulnerability assessments, and patch management
  • Endpoint management

    Endpoint management

    Secure every endpoint and save IT resources with comprehensive-yet-simple management, all through a single pane of glass
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Acronis Cyber Protect

Protect your data from any threat with a single solution

Includes all features of Acronis Cyber Backup

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What the experts say

  • We believe that Acronis Cyber Protect is among the most comprehensive attemps to provide data protection and cyber security to date. ... Acronis shows potential to disrupt traditional IT security vendors by delivering integrated components for backup/recovery and malware detection and protection.

    Phil Goodwin
    Research Director – Cloud Data Management and Protection, IDC

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Office 365 have cloud backup?

    Office 365 data can be backed up to the cloud. However, Microsoft offers limited backup features to users; you can use a few retention and recovery capabilities but won't have access to robust backup and recovery services. As a business, Microsoft is focused on ensuring data access. Data retention and data integrity are the user's responsibility.
    Nonetheless, Microsoft offers a basic backup feature that backs up your Office 365 data every 12 hours. (and keeps it on the cloud for 14 days)
    However, if you need to restore a file or folder from the backup, you'd need to initiate a full restore. Restoring the entire backup will overwrite all data on the designated (target) drive. Doing so will significantly increase Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and can also lead to data loss if you don't have another complete backup of your updated business data.
    Depending on the size of your company and the volume of business-critical data (documents, emails, team chats, etc.), Microsoft 365 native tools may not provide adequate protection. Moreover, Office 365 native backup isn't a "true backup". That means that Microsoft mirrors data from your Office 365 account to at least two different data repositories within the same region as your primary data center. Even if this can protect your data against locally-based disasters, it won't protect it from human error. Since mirroring is a form of syncing, any changes to data on your primary network will be reflected on both copies during the next sync cycle. So, if you accidentally delete essential documents, they will be deleted from the "backups" as well.
    So, to summarize, Office 365 has a cloud backup feature to an extent. If you want to rely on dedicated cybersecurity features and proper backup tools, it's recommended to go for a third-party backup solution.

  • Should I back up M365?

    Backups are essential for both individual users and companies of different sizes.
    If you're a home user, you probably have cherished photos, important documents, and even personally identifiable information (PII) on your PC or laptop. If you fall victim to phishing or a cybersecurity attack, perpetrators may gain access to your data. They can hold it hostage for ransom, sell it on the black market, or use it to initiate identity theft or financial fraud. In a ransomware scenario, a full backup will ensure you can recover all your data to a new device without compromising its integrity.
    Comprehensive backup will also help if your device suffers physical damage, gets stolen, and even if you accidentally delete an important file or document. Having a reliable backup means you can always restore your data, especially if your backups reside on a dedicated cloud.
    As for businesses, compromising crucial data may lead to downtime, negatively impact revenue, or harm your brand's image. As targeted cyberattacks evolve with each passing minute, organizations should ensure they can always recover essential data. Backing up critical company data can safeguard your business against accidental deletion, internal and external security threats, and natural disasters. Moreover, comprehensive backup helps achieve legal and compliance requirements and manage hybrid email deployments and data migrations to Office 365. Lastly, a robust backup solution will help reduce retention policy gaps and employee confusion and help protect Teams' data structure.
    Regardless of your company's size, a complete system backup ensures you can always bounce back following a security incident. To fortify your backups, it's best to use redundant data backups according to the 3-2-1 rule of backup. This way, even if one of your backups is compromised, you can quickly recover data from another.

  • What is the best way to back up Office 365? (Acronis Cyber Protect)

    If your business uses Office 365 to handle business-critical data, syncing sensitive files and documents isn't enough to protect your environment against human error, cyberattacks, or natural disasters.
    To ensure your data's integrity and availability, you must rely on dedicated backup software and create backups following the 3-2-1 rule of Backup. Acronis Cyber Protect enables quick and easy backups regardless of your server environment. The solution integrates top-tier backup and enhanced anti-malware protection to protect cloud data from modern threats. Even if your data is compromised, stolen, or corrupted, you can quickly recover anything – from individual files to full system images – within a few seconds.
    Acronis Cyber Protect enables flexible and intuitive Microsoft 365 and OneDrive backup to secure files, folders, email attachments, access permissions, and more. Having all of your operational data at a click's reach ensures minimal downtime, which benefits your business continuity and steady revenue flow. Managing all backups, cloud data, and local endpoints protection via a singular web-based interface denies the need to hire additional IT staff or use several different solutions, saving you both time and money.
    In addition, you'd have access to flexible reporting and monitoring tools. You can monitor backup statuses via advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities and benefit from customizable reports, widgets, and critical alerts. You can initiate universal restores to any hardware if you need to migrate your primary system to a secondary site. With Acronis' optimized system recovery process, you can restore data to physical and virtual platforms and even new, dissimilar hardware. The process takes a few clicks, so that you won't waste additional time on cumbersome reinstallation and configuration. Lastly, regular malware scans of all backups will detect and remove any pesky threats and eliminate the risk of restoring infected data, ensuring a clean and quick recovery.

  • What is the best storage for m365 cloud backup?

    There are several key points to consider when backing up m365 data.
    First and foremost, it's critical to use a true backup solution for your m365 data. Microsoft provides only infrastructure-level protection for m365, so you must ensure your data's safety. Microsoft doesn't protect against data loss events related to accidental deletion or cyberattacks. Therefore, you must safeguard your m365 cloud backups.
    It's crucial to rely on a solution capable of backing up Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and Azure Active Directory data. Moreover, it's best to use a solution that enables granular data recovery. Having to restore full system images every time you need an individual file is counterproductive and may cost you more time and effort. In addition, you must be able to restore backups to a location of your choosing. While most scenarios require recovery to the m365 cloud, your business may need to restore data to different m365 subscriptions or a dedicated server. In those cases, you need a flexible solution to enable recovery to multiple systems.
    You should also look for a solution that meets your required service-level agreements and provides the needed reporting to satisfy compliance audits. Comprehensive reporting will ease the load on the teams responsible, speed up the auditing process, and, ultimately, save you money.
    Lastly, your m365 cloud backups require a fortified storage location. You need to be able to store important information and be confident that it is protected from all potential cyber threats via the most advanced anti-malware and anti-virus features. You need a solution that covers both data at rest and in transit to ensure your data is always available and can be restored to different systems quickly and reliably. Also, it's best to keep multiple copies of your backups (on-premises and off-site) on different storage carriers. Hence, a solution that supports the 3-2-1 backup rule is a must to negate downtime and stay competitive.

  • What is the best backup solution for Google Workspace?(Acronis Cyber Protect)

    Companies rely on Google Workspace to keep valuable data across Gmail, Google Drive, Contacts, and Calendar, so it's critical to ensure Google Workspace backups are as secure as possible.
    Acronis Cyber Protect enables agentless cloud-to-cloud Google Workspace backup. You can back up Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts directly to the highly secure Acronis Cloud Storage. In addition to easy protection management and flexible monitoring and reports, you will benefit from end-to-end encryption, protecting your data from prying eyes via per-archive AES-256 encryption and high-tier disk-level encryption in the Acronis data centers.
    Acronis Cyber Protect makes it easy to monitor, delegate, and establish separate tenants for multiple admins. You can manage multiple backup tenants remotely – branch offices, remote offices, and departments. As with m365 backups, your Google Workspace backups will be protected by integrated anti-malware to ensure you never restore infected data to your systems.
    What's more, you will be able to optimize data storage to avoid unnecessary spending. Acronis Cyber Protect captures only changed data since the previous backup. The deduplication approach optimizes storage usage by detecting data repetitions and only storing the information once. Should you need to recover your Google Workspace backups, Acronis Instant Restore avoids downtime by simply running your backups as a virtual server – you won't need to wait for the time-consuming full system recovery.
    To add an extra layer of protection to readily available backups, the Acronis Cyber Notary feature, powered by advanced blockchain-based tech, will ensure the integrity of all Google Workspace backups. In addition, you can scan backups with high-tier anti-malware technologies (behavioral heuristics, MI, etc.) to allowlist your company's unique applications to avoid future false positives.

  • What does Acronis Cyber Protect back up for Google Workspace? (Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Contacts)

    Acronis Cyber Protect eases Google Workspace deployment and management by covering all critical GW aspects – Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, and Contacts – via an agentless cloud-to-cloud backup.
    You can easily archive and backup Gmail contents – email and email attachments, and quickly find and restore individual files or documents from the Acronis Cloud. Acronis Cyber Protect offers end-to-end encryption, meaning your data will be safe in transit and at rest at all times. The granular recovery ensures you won't waste time restoring a file or folder, while the full system recovery option will ensure swift process restoration in the event of a disaster or an outage.
    Once you setup the Acronis client, you can create regular, continuous backups of Google Drive to ensure all ongoing projects and historical data are securely stored and readily available for recovery when needed. You can initiate incremental, differential, or full Google Drive backups to secure individual folders or your entire Drive. You can also easily audit old backups and optimize storage space to avoid additional costs.
    Lastly, you can back up Calendar and Contacts to enable easy system migration and business continuity. Even if you need to swap offices or expand your business, you can quickly restore Calendar and Contacts to the new site, easing communication and scheduling without the risk of downtime.
    Acronis Cyber Protect also ensures no accidental deletion will disrupt your business processes. Even if an employee accidentally deletes a file or folder, a true backup solution enables instant recovery of deleted items from your primary machines. Moreover, you can use version history to choose the exact file version and proceed with your business processes as planned.

  • Does Acronis Cyber Protect backup Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2?

    Acronis Cyber Protect is compatible with Microsoft Azure VMs and Amazon EC2 instances via the most reliable cloud backup practices. You can initiate Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 backups and protect critical data via blockchain-based authentication and enhanced backup validation with Acronis Cyber Notary.
    Azure and EC2 backups will benefit from easy protection management, flexible reporting and monitoring, and integrated anti-ransomware to defend essential data against modern cyber threats. Moreover, you can restore, set up, and manage virtual platforms from any compatible device in a few clicks. Saving time on reinstallation and configuration will let your teams focus on critical business projects while Acronis Cyber Protect handles all backup processes.
    In addition to sensible backup, Acronis offers advanced drive health monitoring to identify hardware issues before they even occur. The solution uses AI-drive drive health monitoring to warn users of impending disk failure, enabling you to avoid downtime and ensure business continuity. The added backup malware scans eliminate the risk of restoring infected data to your systems by removing lurking threats from backups, providing a stellar recovery.
    Moreover, Acronis Instant Restore ensures you can immediately pick up where you left off in the event of a disaster, power outage, or when switching offices. You can run Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 backups as a virtual server without the need to wait out the complete system recovery.
    Lastly, you can monitor, manage, and restore backups via a comprehensive Acronis agent. The client comprises all Acronis features across your systems and enables quick management of all backup resources.

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