21 November 2023
Case Studies

Liberty Technology switches from Cisco Secure Endpoint (formerly AMP) to Acronis Advanced Security + EDR

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• Unreliable threat remediation
• Time consumption reworking the previous tickets
• Too many siloed solutions
• Constrained security talent bandwidth
• MSP-friendly training, onboarding and use
• Comprehensive protection
• Needs to work with a range of IT environments
• Integration with the existing RMM tool
• 1,000 endpoints
• Windows, Linux, Apple, workstations, servers and a range of IT environments
• Rapid, reliable and efficient remediation
• Save time by eliminating the need to rework tickets
• Hands-on, personalized solution support
• Overall improved business continuity

Liberty Technology reduces daily ticket load by 50% with Acronis EDR and protects more than 1,000 endpoints


Based in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Liberty Technology is a managed service provider (MSP) focusing on IT solutions, including business collaboration solutions, security, connectivity, networking and physical security. Liberty Technology serves businesses of all verticals, including finance, government, manufacturing, health care and education. The company’s mission is to ease the technical pains of their customers by ensuring their systems run smoothly and efficiently.


Liberty Technology was using Cisco Secure Endpoint (formerly AMP), to protect their clients’ IT environments. Liberty Technology faced many hurdles with Cisco’s endpoint security solution: it lacked MSP-friendly capabilities, had a steep learning curve to become adept and offered inadequate product support. Although pleased with Cisco’s antivirus capabilities, Liberty Technology felt like they were managing a suite of siloed tools that didn’t provide the flexibility to swiftly apply changes across multiple clients. Engineers grappled with learning the complex solution and couldn’t confidently carry out incident response activities.

Most importantly, the solution didn’t completely remediate threats, causing engineers to revisit the same tickets repeatedly. When it came to speed, reliability and the required number of clicks to remediate, Liberty Technology determined that Cisco Secure Endpoint didn’t meet their requirements. The company couldn’t afford to waste valuable resources reworking past tickets due to the solution’s unsuccessful remediations.

Recognizing the need for comprehensive endpoint protection, Liberty Technology decided a new endpoint detection and response (EDR solution) was integral to driving success and safeguarding business continuity for their business and their clients. Moreover, Liberty Technology needed to protect more than 1,000 endpoint devices. They required a solution that provided holistic protection, was easy to use and gave them confidence that threats were completely remediated. Other important requirements included integration with their existing remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool, protection for an array of unique IT environments and quality product support.

The solution — Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

The combined ease of use, seamless deployment and comprehensive cyber protection delivered by Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud was a pivotal factor in Liberty Technology’s decision to switch from Cisco. Acronis satisfied all of Liberty Technology’s requirements and more. The Acronis Advanced Security + EDR enabled Liberty Technology to make swift and concise security decisions. The integrated cybersecurity and backup solution made Cyber Protect Cloud a perfect fit for Liberty Technology, who was already backing up all their clients’ servers with Acronis backup. With one agent, the solution enables Liberty Technology to protect all registered devices quickly. This strategic advantage helped Liberty Technology deliver top-performing security and backup services to clients.

Acronis’ EDR has been alerting to all the same things that our previous AV did, but on top of that it has cut our ticket time count in half. We’re not spending nearly as much time dealing with repeat tickets.
John Chapman, Systems Engineer, Liberty Technology

The result

Elated with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Liberty Technology now performs fast, efficient remediation for their clients and enjoys peace of mind that cyberthreats are thoroughly eradicated. The looming uncertainty of having to rework the same tickets no longer keeps Liberty Technology’s engineers up at night. They are confident that Acronis Advanced Security + EDR empowers their engineers to make well-informed security decisions, especially with incident response.

Notably, Acronis cut Liberty Technology’s daily ticket load in half and delivered true business outcomes. The key benefit of Acronis EDR was its reliable and complete incident remediation that saved Liberty Technology engineers’ valuable time and improved business operations. With Acronis, Liberty Technology technicians could successfully remediate threats and avoid unnecessary effort toward revisiting their clients’ old issues. According to John Chapman, Systems Engineer of Liberty Technology, “It has drastically cut the time it takes to complete tickets. Remediation is quicker, and we no longer need multiple techs to investigate the same cyberevent because Acronis EDR shows me exactly how it got there within the cyber kill chain.”

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud offered seamless deployment, onboarding and training that made it simple for engineers of varying skill level to become adept at managing their clients’ cyber protection. Chapman and Liberty Technology engineers were able to bring protection to clients readily — reducing time to value (TtV) the company and the businesses they protect.

Additionally, Acronis’ integrated cybersecurity and backup helped Liberty Technology consolidate vendors and conserve resources that would otherwise be spent on individual, single-purpose solutions. Unlike enterprise vendors, Acronis’ product support provided Liberty Technology the opportunity to connect one-on-one with Acronis solution experts. Acronis guided Liberty Technology through implementation, ensured proper training and helped them streamline protection management. With Acronis EDR, Liberty Technology was not only able to secure client endpoints but also fortify business continuity to clients and win competitive advantage.

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