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Breaking barriers: Our journey towards diversity and inclusion at Acronis

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By Alona Geckler, SVP Business Operations and Chief of Staff, Acronis

When it comes to diversity, taking real action is what truly matters. At Acronis, we've made significant strides in this area, and the results are starting to show. While we acknowledge that there is still a long road ahead, the positive feedback we've received from our employees speaks volumes about the impact of our diversity programs. They've helped foster professional relationships, deepen understanding of company goals, and attract a more diverse pool of talented individuals.

So, how did we turn our words into action? Let's dive into the steps we took at Acronis and the remarkable outcomes we've achieved.

Embracing opportunities

Several years ago, we kicked off our diversity programs by introducing Women in Tech (WIT) sessions at our global events. We recognized that a diverse workforce benefits both tech companies and individuals seeking new career opportunities. These sessions featured inspiring sports stars, journalists and business owners who shared their captivating stories. Surprisingly, the sessions appealed not only to women, but also to men, as they were eager to move beyond the buzzwords and truly grasp the essence of diversity.

For Acronis, the benefits of having a diverse team are crystal clear: it brings fresh perspectives to problem-solving, fuels creativity and enriches our personal lives. Having team members from diverse backgrounds enables us to better understand and serve our equally diverse customer base. By working as a unified team towards a common goal, we reap great rewards for our company and our clients.

Understanding your team members

As part of our diversity initiatives, we organize internal webinars and events where team members can share their stories and offer professional growth tips. These sessions have had a profound impact, especially when successful women share their journeys built on hard work and recognition. For instance, during Pride Month, we hold an internal webinar discussing LGBTQIA+ topics, and we dedicated an event to International Women's Day in March. We've also created an information hub where employees can share news, blog posts and personal stories. We encourage everyone to ask questions and seek clarity, fostering a deeper understanding of each team member's strengths and enabling us to work more effectively as a cohesive unit. We believe in learning together and leave no room for hesitation when it comes to asking questions.

Joining forces

Mentorship is a very valuable resource at Acronis. While we've always embraced this practice to some extent, last year we launched an official WIT Mentorship Program, and we've recently welcomed our second cohort. This program aims to support the professional growth, career development and cross-company connections of women at Acronis, nurturing the next generation of leaders. We recognize that the transfer of knowledge and experience between employees is crucial for career advancement. Through this program, women at Acronis have the opportunity to enhance their leadership and professional skills through one-on-one relationships with senior leaders and executives.

Ashley Taylor, Acronis Director of Global Talent Acquisition, who played a key role in creating the WIT Mentorship Program, shared her personal perspective on the program's benefits: "Diversity and inclusion initiatives, especially those focused on women, have always been close to my heart. Knowing that I can make a positive impact on others' lives and work by connecting women with mentors who can guide them throughout their careers, as my mentor did for me, gives me a deep sense of purpose."

Moreover, we offer Acronis Academy courses, manager training, and a wide range of programs that enhance professional skills and facilitate career growth. We firmly believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Regional support groups

Last year, we launched regional #CyberWomen meetups — local employee resource groups aimed at providing support, fostering career development, and promoting personal growth in the workplace. These groups are currently active in over ten countries and offer regular training courses, as well as opportunities for colleagues to share their stories through a "what is my work" format.

Sasha Gorbatenko, Acronis Global Channel Marketing Program Manager and facilitator of Google's #ImRemarkable training program for these groups, emphasizes the importance of acknowledging achievements and amplifying careers within the given environment: "Witnessing participants' imposter syndrome fade away energizes me. The high demand for these programs proves that there is a real need for them, and I'm committed to delivering more inclusive activities."

Due to the overwhelming demand, we are dedicated to expanding these programs beyond #CyberWomen and making them inclusive for all team members. Our goal is to foster a sense of inclusion and belonging among everyone in the organization.

What lies ahead?

The next step is here and now! At Acronis, we firmly believe that diversity and belonging are crucial to the success of any company. We are committed to creating an environment that nurtures the growth and development of all our employees. Our journey towards diversity is ongoing, and we acknowledge that there is still much work to be done. However, the positive impact we have witnessed so far, both within the company and in the broader talent pool, fuels our determination to keep moving forward.

We encourage every employee to seize the opportunities that diversity presents and actively participate in our diversity programs. By engaging in these initiatives, we can collectively shape a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Whether it's attending events, sharing your experiences, joining mentorship programs, or participating in regional groups, your involvement matters. Together, we can create a work environment that celebrates and harnesses the power of diversity, ultimately driving innovation, collaboration and success.

So, let's embark on this journey together. Let's celebrate our differences, learn from one another, and build a culture where everyone feels a true sense of belonging. At Acronis, diversity is not just a buzzword; it's a fundamental value that defines who we are and propels us towards a brighter future. Join us as we break barriers, embrace opportunities, and create a workplace where diversity thrives. Together, we can achieve greatness.

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