AV-Test results: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud scores 10/10 in Advanced Threat Protection

AV-Test unveiled their Advanced Threat Protection test results for 10 real-life scenarios they ran in July and August 2023 in Windows 10 Professional. Once again, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Security received the best possible score, successfully detecting and blocking all 10 attacks in their early stages.

In this latest test, security solutions were required to defend Windows against data stealers and ransomware, some of which used “DNS TXT Record” techniques or encrypted connections via HTTPS. In some malware samples, AV-Test used the Rust programming language. Fairly new, Rust is not only fast but also allows parallel running of operations. According to AV-Test, malware written in Rust can also evade many malware detection systems’ statistical analysis.

As before, cases were split 50-50: five for ransomware and five for infostealers, which are both prevalent threats accounting for the majority of the data breaches that industries experience nowadays.

We will not explain why attackers use HTTPS. For DNS lookup, attackers often query for DNS TXT Record via PowerShell. The sequence of an attack in the Advanced Threat Protection test typically follows this pattern: a spear phishing email with a malware attachment enters a Windows system. The protection system either detects the attacker immediately or when the malware starts running. The AV-Test results chart below shows that Acronis Cyber Protect successfully detected and blocked all 10 attacks, either in the Initial Access or Execution phase.

The lab awarded points for each detected and marked attack step. For data stealers, up to four points would be awarded, and for ransomware, up to three points. The highest value in the protection score was thus 20 points for data stealers, plus a maximum of 15 points for ransomware, making 35 points the highest possible score.

As in previous tests, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Security detected all attacks, scoring the maximum 35 points for the entire test.


There is no such thing as 100% successful protection. If a threat manages to slip through defenses, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is the only integrated solution that supports automatic data restoration from backup in a matter of seconds. This capability is central to ensuring your business’s health and continuous operations.

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