25 febbraio 2014
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Acronis Introduces New Generation Data Protection Technology for Virtual, Physical, and Cloud Environments

Acronis Revolutionises Data Protection with AnyDataTechnology; Introduces Best-in-Class Products Without the Complexity and Overhead of Legacy Platforms

London, UK - February 25, 2014 - TodayAcronis® announced the launch of a new generation of data protection for virtual, physical and cloud environments. Powered by AnyData technology, Acronis' new generation data protection offers easy, complete and safe backup, disaster recovery and secure access for all data, across every environment, in any location.

"Customers are grappling with unabated data growth and the increasing adoption of virtualization, cloud and mobile platforms" said Robert Amatruda, research director, data protection and recovery at IDC. "To protect their critical data for a wide array of applications in physical, virtual or cloud environments, businesses need to consider a flexible yet comprehensive solution, such as Acronis with AnyData Technology."

Acronis AnyData technology, developed over 10 years, enables cost-effective products which seamlessly integrate and allow a company's data protection capabilities to grow along with the company. Before Acronis AnyData technology, organisations using old generation data protection had to choose between affordable but incomplete point products, and feature-rich but highly complex and expensive platforms. Now, Acronis offers a new approach that delivers the best of both worlds - best-in-class individual products that seamlessly and easily work together to offer complete data protection.

The user interface and management features for products based on AnyData technology provide great flexibility while reducing training costs and eliminating compatibility issues. They offer twice the performance using 50% of the resources for workloads of any type, in any virtual or physical environment, at any location across clouds, data centers or remote offices. Even if a company's storage environment might grow and become more complex, its data protection strategy remains simple and comprehensive.

"Data protection is more important today than ever before. Since losing business critical data is not an option, organisations are acutely aware of the need to protect their data," said Serg Bell, CEO of Acronis. "Our mission is to be the leading provider of easy, complete and safe new generation data protection solutions. With AnyData technology and our updated suite of products, we have redefined best-in-class for backup, disaster recovery, and secure access."

More than 300 Acronis developers and the R&D team at Acronis Labs created AnyData technology. This team invented a deep portfolio of more than 50 patents, and has used its extensive expertise in backup, virtualization and storage to deliver the first easy-to-use and comprehensive data protection solution that deserves the name Any by supporting:

· Any protection: data backup, bare metal restore, migration, and system deployment

· Any device: servers and workstations

· Any server: virtual and physical

· Any OS environment: Windows® and Linux®

· Any file system: NTFS, ReFS, FAT16/32, Ext2/3/4, ReiserFS3, XFS, JFS and more

· Any virtual environment: VMware®, Hyper-V®, XenServer®, Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization, Parallels, and others

· Any migration: V2V, V2P, P2V, P2P

· Any application: Exchange, SQL Server®, SharePoint®, and Active Directory®

· Any location: cloud, on-premise, and remote offices

Additionally, Acronis repackaged its offerings to reduce complexity and add more value for customers. Popular features such as universal restore, de-duplication, and granular application support are now part of the base products.

"A significant amount of time was invested by our technical team to identify a single source backup and disaster recovery solution, which we were confident could fulfill both our current and future requirements. Acronis has the features to support all aspect of our business - our virtual server environment, cloud-based options for remote locations and deduplication services to reduce overall storage consumption. With Acronis, we have been able to greatly enhanced our disaster recovery procedures." Michael Moore, Vice President, EFC Systems, Inc.

"Acronis' new data protection product suite with AnyData technology is a big step forward," Jason Schuerhoff, Sublime Solution, VP of Sales. "The combination of ease of use, value and advanced features for virtual, physical and cloud environments is exactly what our customers want."

AnyData technology uniquely and efficiently captures, stores, recovers and accesses data across workload types, combined with a breakthrough approach for simplifying and unifying management. Core technologies include:

· Disk and VM image capture - Efficiently captures all data giving users the choice of full, incremental or differential backup.

· Active Recovery -Tracks operating system I/O requests and restores blocks when the OS needs them, continuing to restore other blocks in the background. This allows booting a machine and starting applications long before a restore is complete.

· Unified Back-up Format - High efficiency algorithms reduce storage, IO and CPU requirement and enable unified, fast, easy and granular access to multiple versions of files, applications and systems across all workloads.

· Single-pass block-level data management - Eliminates the need for multiple agents and dramatically increases speed and efficiency.

Together, these technologies create a lean architecture in which individual affordable products snap together to create one unified data protection solution. This allows organisations to only buy what they need - without the unnecessary complexity and upfront investment of a platform.

Informazioni su Acronis:

Acronis, leader globale nella Cyber Protection, fornisce soluzioni che integrano nativamente Cyber Security, protezione dei dati e gestione degli endpoint, progettate per i Managed Service Provider (MSP), le piccole e medie imprese (PMI) e reparti IT aziendali. Le soluzioni di Acronis sono altamente efficienti e progettate per identificare, prevenire, rilevare, rispondere, risolvere e ripristinare dai moderni cyberthreats con un tempo di inattività minimo, garantendo l'integrità dei dati e la continuità aziendale. Grazie alla straordinaria capacità di soddisfare le esigenze degli attuali ambienti IT, eterogenei e distribuiti, Acronis offre agli MSP la soluzione di sicurezza più completa del mercato.

Società svizzera fondata a Singapore nel 2003, Acronis conta 15 sedi in tutto il mondo e dipendenti in oltre 50 paesi. La soluzione Acronis Cyber Protect è disponibile in 26 lingue e in 150 paesi, ed è utilizzata da oltre 20,000 Service Provider per proteggere più di 750,000 aziende. Per ulteriori informazioni, visita il sito www.acronis.com.
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