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YouTube is always good for a few laughs. From Rebecca Black to Charlie Bit Me to the world's clumsiest cats, YouTube videos offer something for every sense of humor. It's no surprise that the tech world likes to get in on the hilarity.

However, from my perspective inside the tech community, the best videos are always the ones where we poke fun at ourselves. In that spirit, check out these hilarious, self-aware videos by or about technology:

Amazon “Yesterday Shipping”

You thought Amazon was fast, but did you know they were this fast? This great video ribs on Amazon while also promoting its products and services. It shows the more human side of ecommerce and makes Amazon seem approachable, funny and self-aware. All good things:


Le Trefle “Emma”

So this one isn’t by or about a tech company, but it references some of the everyday technology we use in a very funny way. Many of us can relate to the challenge of being around someone who is utterly attached to his device. Plus I just love the kicker ending:


Norwegian Broadcasting Company “Medieval Helpdesk”

IT admins and corporate employees alike will find this video uncomfortably familiar. In true Monty Python style, this video points out just how frustrating it can be to work with slow end-users who can't seem to navigate what feels totally intuitive to the rest of us. It's a good reminder that even "simple" technology was once baffling:


Acronis “Christmas Horror Story”

To celebrate the holidays and get in on the fun, we put together our own funny video about Acronis’ backup products, complete with a tight jean-clad George Michaels, rogue reindeer and a vanishing guitarist. While our backup products have certainly saved my devices' data more than once, to be completely honest, I’ve never experienced a post-reindeer attack resurrection... Maybe I’m just not using it right?


What are your favorite YouTube videos?

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