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The holiday season is my favorite time of year, and like most of you, I take pictures of everything, everywhere— the Thanksgiving Turkey, all the holiday decorations, the family sitting around the dinner table, and more recently my daughter, who is celebrating her first holidays.  Each year is special to me and so are the memories.

However, I do remember one year taking some of my best holiday pictures with my phone only to discover it was missing later on Christmas day. Somehow my phone - and all the pictures on it - found its way into the toilet. I only discovered it because it didn’t get flushed down.

But, I lost all of those pictures. I was devastated.

Tips to Keep Your Holiday Memories Safe

Naturally since working for Acronis, there is zero chance I will ever lose my pictures again. Every holiday season, I make sure I am prepared and will never risk losing my precious holiday photos again. Here’s how:

  • I back up my smartphone and iPad to the cloud, and back up everything on my PC to my local disk drive and to the cloud as well. By backing up to both a local disk and the cloud, I am following the proven 3-2-1 backup rule for optimal protection of my devices.
  • With the first backup, it takes a little time to get all my digital assets — photos, videos, contacts — backed up from my phone and iPad, and the entire disk from my PC. The time it takes depends on how much you are backing up and the speed of your internet connection.
  • The good news is that once my first backup is complete, it takes almost no time to continuously back up because Acronis does incremental backups. In fact, I can schedule regular backups for my PC as I see fit, and change the schedule anytime I want. Best yet, every time I take a picture with my phone, Acronis True Image Cloud automatically backs up the photo to the cloud.
  • To make sure that my wife doesn’t lose her pictures and holiday memories, I make sure that all of her devices are backed up as well. I use the Acronis True Image dashboard, which lets me manage the backups of all my family’s devices.

Cloud Backup Does More than Keep My Photos Safe

Backing up my photos and videos to the cloud keeps my memories safe, but the cloud also lets me view all of my photos and videos from any of my devices. This makes it easy to pass around my iPad after a holiday meal or family get together and let everyone view the day’s pictures, regardless of what device I used to take the pictures. We can also reminisce over pictures from holidays gone by.

You can find more information about Acronis True Image Cloud by viewing this video.

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Make sure your memories are safe this holiday season!

As a President at Acronis, Gaidar is responsible for partner enablement, education, and Acronis marketing organizations. He joined Acronis in 2013 as a Business Manager to CEO, becoming Vice President of online business and General Manager for consumer business in 2016, Chief Marketing Officer in 2017, Chief Success Officer in 2020, and President in 2023. Previously an investment director at venture capital fund Runa Capital, Gaidar was responsible for seed-stage investments, advising and educating entrepreneurs, supporting the business development of portfolio companies, and maintaining relationships with startup incubators and accelerators. Before Runa Capital, Gaidar served in various roles at Microsoft, from a technology evangelist to a Microsoft Seed Fund managing director. Before Microsoft, he worked as a software engineer and IT administrator for various companies. Gaidar holds a master’s degree in chemistry.

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