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If new EU data protection legislation becomes law as expected, companies that do business in Europe will soon need to recruit for a new senior-level IT job: Data Protection Officer.

The legislation, and the mandated new role, is the latest development in EU officials' increasing focus on data protection and privacy regulations. Any company that does business in Europe or that handles data for European consumers would need to comply or risk stiff, seven-figure fines.

The “data protection officer” (DPO) role would be largely independent, reporting directly to a company's senior management, according to Network World. Primary responsibilities would include: 

  • Auditing a company's data privacy and protection policies and compliance
  • Reporting any violations to senior management 
  • Registering the DPO's identity with relevant EU regulatory agencies and the public

If the law passes, it would be the first legally mandated data protection position in the world. One big challenge for companies, however, will be hiring candidates with the right experience and credentials for the job, says Carolyn Holcomb, who leads PricewaterhouseCoopers' data protection and privacy practice. 

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