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These days, consumers are bringing their own devices — and their own apps — to work. Sure, the consumerization of IT is not a new threat, but it’s one that many companies still struggle to contain.

While there are benefits to employees using tools they know and like, experts caution about the security and data protection downsides. Tech Page One writer Scott Koegler offers seven tips to control the “Shadow IT” menace, including:  

  • Understand how pervasive Shadow IT is at your company: IT pros know employees are bypassing IT, but they probably don’t know how frequently it occurs. A recent survey from 2nd Watch found that more than 90 percent of business units use the cloud, often behind IT’s back.
  • What you don’t know can hurt you: IT must understand what causes employees to seek out applications without company approval. They want to do their jobs as efficiently as possible, and many are savvy enough to work around IT if they sense a roadblock. As for the culprits, the C-suite are as likely (or even more likely) offenders.

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