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In today's fast-paced digital landscape, where businesses are increasingly reliant on virtualization technologies, the recent announcement of Broadcom discontinuing the free version of VMware ESXi has sent ripples across the IT community. For MSPs and corporate customers alike, this development underscores the importance of having reliable multiplatform backup solutions in place to safeguard critical data and ensure business continuity.

The importance of a secure multiplatform backup

As businesses embrace multicloud and multihypervisor environments, the ability to migrate workloads between different platforms seamlessly becomes paramount. Whether it's transitioning from on-premises solutions to the cloud or migrating between hypervisors, having the right tools and strategies in place is essential to mitigate risks and minimize disruptions.

Moreover, in light of the recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, the need for seamless migration capabilities has become even more pronounced. Organizations must be equipped to navigate these transitions with confidence, ensuring that data remains secure and accessible throughout the process.

Acronis: More than just backup

At Acronis, we understand the challenges that organizations face when it comes to migrating workloads and protecting critical data. That's why we're not just offering Acronis as a migration tool; we're offering a comprehensive solution for ensuring the continuity and security of your entire infrastructure.

The recent developments with VMware serve as a reminder of the importance of having flexible and reliable backup solutions in place. With Acronis, you not only get seamless migration capabilities but also unparalleled security features that include native integrations of cybersecurity, data protection and endpoint management to safeguard your data throughout the migration process and beyond.

Key Acronis features to support the migration:

Broad hypervisor, cloud and OS coverage: Acronis boasts extensive support for diverse hypervisors, clouds, and operating systems, giving you the confidence to navigate VMware migrations with ease. Whether you're transitioning to another on-premises solution or embracing cloud flexibility, Acronis ensures that your migration path is unrestricted and fully supported.

Any-to-any migration made simple: Our VM conversion feature enables seamless any-to-any migrations between physical, virtual, and cloud environments in any direction. Whether you're migrating from VMware to another technology or vice versa, Acronis ensures that the process is efficient and hassle free, empowering you to choose the best infrastructure for your needs — without compromise.

Unparalleled security with antivirus scanning of backups: Security is non-negotiable when it comes to migrating workloads and protecting critical data. Acronis not only facilitates your migration, but also does so with the highest security standards, including antivirus scanning of backups. This ensures that data remains protected from threats during and after migration, maintaining integrity and compliance in your new environment.

Agentless backup and migration for a variety of systems: With Acronis, you can experience the convenience of agentless migration and backup, streamlining the process for a variety of systems and reducing complexity. This feature allows you to keep your focus on business continuity while Acronis handles the technicalities of migration, ensuring a smooth transition without disruption to your operations.

Easy remote access to quickly resolve any possible problems during migration: Acronis provides easy remote access to quickly resolve any potential problems during migration, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly and efficiently. This ensures minimal downtime and disruptions, enabling you to maintain productivity and continuity throughout the migration process.


In conclusion, the recent developments in the virtualization landscape serve as a reminder of the importance of adaptability and resilience in today's digital age. With Acronis by your side, you can navigate VMware ESXi migrations and future challenges with confidence, knowing that your data is secure and accessible at all times.

Don't wait until the next migration challenge arises — partner with Acronis today and ensure seamless transitions and complete protection for your infrastructure.

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