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Most small to medium dental offices struggle to deal with the complexities and requirements of the Federal HIPAA Law enacted to protect a patients’ health information. The law was written to address healthcare organizations of all sizes, so naturally, the smaller organizations have more hurdles to clear.

Darkhorse Tech is wrapping up its 5th year as a leader in the dental technology space. Providing a sole source of support for all the complexities in hardware and software Dental has. Reuben Kamp, Darkhorse Tech’s CEO and founder told Acronis that their customers want a seamless, managed experience with little to no downtime. Dental offices run on tight schedules and any disruption in their technical or digital x-ray systems cost their clients money, and when the clock is ticking, it can be very stressful for all involved. At the core of Darkhorse’s success is its staff where the early hires who are all still with the company, are all trained, long time industry pros, and innovative technology from vendors like Acronis.

The industry is dying for competent IT leadership. Doctor’s just want the system to work so they can take care of their patients. In order to deliver this, IT providers need to do a great job delivering support for Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Systems, VOIP Phone Systems, Digital X-ray Hardware and Software Systems and 3D Cone Beam Imaging Devices. Offices are in competition to deliver the best patient care possible and this shows up on the technology investment side of the budget line.

Acronis takes the BDR portion of the equation and effectively solves it, on-time and under budget with Acronis Backup Cloud. The speed and flexibility of restoring options make it a game changer for a dental practice.

One of Darkhorse’s largest clients, a 21-room, 65-computer dental practice recently had their server go completely down (this was not a virtualized environment). While the office was stressed out, Darkhorse had an up to date hourly backup image ready to take action. Darkhorse gave the office the choice to do the Instant Restore in 5 minutes or to do a full restore to a temporary server, and the office chose the full restore. With a 2TB data set, the office was up by the next morning and making plans to buy the new server with Darkhorse. These stories which now can be told by Darkhorse’s referrals, are immensely important in the industry, and will ultimately result in getting many more sales, not just in BDR.

Reuben suggests every organization to take a hard look in the mirror about their BDR system. Ask yourself the question, he says: “If our system goes down, how long are we comfortable with being down? How long with our clients put up with the downtime?” Asking that question of your entire organization may surprise you. Reuben from Darkhorse makes it a practice to ask the business owner before designing a system about their expectations. What he finds is that mostly, people have way higher expectations that their current system can deliver or the system Darkhorse assumed they wanted. It’s a powerful exercise and makes the sale for the company.

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