The Acronis 2023 ESG Report shows we’re serious about our and our partners’ sustainability

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On February 15, we released our annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, providing a comprehensive overview of our performance and achievements throughout the previous year, emphasizing our commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

The new report highlights the company’s sustainable business practices, including the results of a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions review and an extensive materiality assessment. It notes important topics for Acronis stakeholders, setting the foundation for further reducing the company’s carbon footprint. It also presents alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by identifying specific areas where the company is making an impact.

We care for the environment and engage with our communities, fostering positive impacts through volunteer-driven environmental days and IT education. Notably, we continue our support to under-served communities, particularly through building schools and fitting out computer labs, setting up educational programs that contribute to uplifting society.

We also extended our environmental and educational programs to partners, helping service providers to develop their own CSR programs through participating in joint initiatives and with the help of the newly launched CSR in a Box. Acronis partners are also able to reduce their own carbon footprint through deploying Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to more workloads, thus consolidating and minimizing the number of solutions required to ensure complete cyber protection for their customers.

On the governance front, we've taken significant steps, including the development of a procurement information hub and extending the supplier questionnaire. And to enhance transparency, we launched the Acronis Trust Center, providing visibility on certifications, compliance and security information.

Here are some of key highlights from Acronis’ 2023 ESG report:


·       Conducted the first GHG emissions assessment and developed an inventory management plan with the data to be used as a baseline for sustainability target setting.

·       Launched the Acronis Cyber Foundation Ambassadors Program, mobilizing around 300 employees for environmental activities such as beach or forest cleanups.

·       Held six environmental days with employees’ support and collecting 2,500 kg of waste.


·       Engaged in an ongoing humanitarian aid response providing support to over 3,500 victims of natural disasters and war conflicts through fundraising, humanitarian aid, and facilitating education.

·       Extended focus on educational activities, both regarding community development and cybersecurity education, by building schools, setting up computer labs, and running IT training classes, impacting over 33,500 people.

·       Launched a vendor independent MSP Academy as a hub for comprehensive business and cybersecurity education.


·       Developed a procurement information hub and extended a supplier questionnaire.

·       Launched a public Acronis Trust Center, providing visibility on certifications, compliance and security information.

·       Launched CSR in a Box — an opportunity for our partners and customers to launch their own ESG initiatives.

For more information, please download the full Acronis 2023 ESG report here.

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