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Recently, the head of our Acronis True Image business Gaidar Magdanurov wrote a blog post about meaningful work – why people do what they do and how they can find happiness in authentic work. I’m excited, and yes, happy to be at Acronis. Why? Because providing the best solutions to protect people’s data really does provide value to all of us — individuals, companies, and society. Today, World Backup Day is a great time to reflect on this.

What’s at Stake

Backup solutions don’t always come to mind when one thinks about data loss and threats like Ransomware, but our solutions are designed to protect you and give you peace of mind. At Acronis, we help you avoid thinking about the hours (days? weeks? months?) of professional anguish, personal disappointment, and real expenses that would be incurred without backup and data protection solutions. For example, without Acronis backup solutions:

  • A family could lose all of the pictures and videos they have of their children.
  • A small office or business could lose months of business records and customer info, disabling them from invoicing, paying bills, and tracking plans to grow.
  • Or a law firm could lose essential documents and correspondence and not be able to service clients.

These examples barely scratch the surface of the importance of protecting personal and business data.

Data’s Economic and Emotional Value

Data’s value to business has been recognized for a long time. But a new, especially promising finding is that data is finally starting to be recognized as economically and emotionally valuable to individual and family users. A new global study we sponsored and conducted with Google Consumer Surveys showed that 1 in 3 people have suffered data loss. Further, 20% of respondents would be willing to pay more than $500 to recover lost files. And amazingly, some would pay more than $5000 to get their files back. When it comes to what’s most important, 45% of respondents said they fear losing photos and videos the most. These findings indicate that with computers, smart phones, and mobile devices becoming ubiquitous (more than half or survey respondents indicated they have 4+ devices in their household) the data they contain is starting to be recognized as even more valuable than the hardware itself.

Even the Apollo Astronauts Taught Us About Having a Backup

I am passionate about our World Backup Day as it serves to help educate consumers and businesses that backup is not a boring, not-to-be thought of activity, but rather is an essential part of people’s personal and business lives. As famed Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin pointed out to us at a recent event, everyone needs a backup plan! You can hear more about what Buzz had to say in this video - view it here.

As a leader and innovator in data protection solutions, it is our responsibility to help people and companies learn more about the value of data, the realities of data loss, and more importantly, how to make data protection easy-to-use, affordable and complete.

If you’d like to learn more about Backup, check out the Acronis Blog – we’ve been sharing great insight, tips and best practices all month long to celebrate World Backup Day.

If you’re not already backing up your data or need to update your current solution, check out Acronis True Image. 

There’s no better time to do it than today – World Backup Day!

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