Protect your kids from online gaming risks with a reliable security solution

The protection against cyberthreats

Have the protection in place to safeguard the gaming accounts, online gaming privacy and personal data of your children


Malware and phishing attacks

Cybercriminals often target online gamers with fraudulent emails or messages to trick players into revealing sensitive information.


Built-in protection for phishing

Acronis True Image blocks phishing and malware websites from loading as it uses a database to check if a website is good or bad. To make sure kids don’t end up on a harmful page.


Online predators and cyberbullies target children

Children can become victims of online harassment that can cause a negative impact on how they feel about themselves.


Protect your children with the right tool

Get the protection in place that can block malicious websites from loading that can do harm to your children.


Scams and frauds with malicious games

Scammers try to lure you into fake in-game purchases and giveaways — which are becoming increasingly sophisticated and realistic — and to reveal your personal information.


Be cautious when online gaming

Get the gaming security solution you need to safeguard your personal information with secure backup, prevent potential cyberattacks and alert you when it detects any threats.

Tips for gamers

To ensure online gaming security for children and teens, follow these insightful tips to protect them.

  • TIP 1

    Be cautious with social media

    Take care with social media and sharing personal information online. Oversharing can lead to privacy breaches and potential risks from strangers.
  • TIP 2

    Avoid suspicious websites

    Make sure you visit authentic websites that are secure and don’t scam you or threaten your gaming security and privacy.
  • TIP 3

    Avoid suspicious downloads

    Make sure you have the protection in place that check websites for malware and phishing that can comprise your devices.
  • TIP 4

    Create strong and unique passwords

    For your passwords, make sure they have at least ten characters, with numbers, upper and lowercase letters and symbols, so that they’re harder to crack by cybercriminals.
  • TIP 5

    Protect your devices

    Be protected against malware and viruses. Make sure to have antivirus software installed on your devices.
  • TIP 6

    Public Wi-Fi usage

    Using public Wi-Fi can be convenient, but it can also be vulnerable to hacking, so take care when you use it.
  • TIP 7

    Protect your personal information

    Be selective of what you share about yourself and protect your personal data by having a strong gaming security solution and secure backup in place.
  • TIP 8

    Be cautious of unknown senders

    Use caution with suspicious links or when sharing sensitive information. Never overshare and always double check if links are legitimate.

Online solution for protection against ransomware and cyberbullying

  • Image backup and recovery

    Image backup and recovery

    Create a complete system disk or partition replicas for efficient recovery of entire systems, individual files or folders as needed.
  • File backup and recovery

    File backup and recovery

    Never lose a file again with secure backup and quickly move your data to new drives and computers to regain access.
  • Anti-ransomware and cryptojacking protection

    Anti-ransomware and cryptojacking protection

    Defend files, applications and systems against ransomware and cryptojacking attacks through advanced detection and prevention technology.
  • Block specific websites

    Block specific websites

    Restrict access to certain websites that can be harmful to your kids with Acronis True Image.
  • Real-time protection

    Real-time protection

    Safeguard devices and back up files against malicious activity, using continuous threat monitoring to address previously unknown risks.
  • One place to see all your protected devices

    One place to see all your protected devices

    An intuitive interface where you can monitor your device’s backups, data statistics and cybersecurity metrics.
  • Unlimited mobile device protection

    Unlimited mobile device protection

    Protect all the smartphones and tablets in your family under a single and easy to use license.
  • Identity monitoring

    Identity monitoring

    Safeguard personal information, such as social security numbers and financial details, to prevent identity theft.

Protect your loved ones

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is gaming security and why is it important?

    Gaming security makes sure you are protected from hacking, harassment and other threats. It's important for data privacy and a positive safe gaming experience for children and teens.

  • How can I ensure the security of my games while playing online?

    To enhance the security of your online gaming:

    - Use strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication.
    - Only download games from official sources, keep software and hardware updated and avoid cheat software.
    - Be cautious with in-game transactions, protect personal information and report abusive behavior.
  • What are the common gaming risks and how can I protect myself from them?

    Common gaming risks include cheating, hacking, harassment and data breaches. Protect yourself by avoiding cheat software, reporting abusive behavior, using strong and unique passwords with two-factor authentication, and be cautious with personal information and in-game transactions.

  • Are online gaming dangers a real concern and how can I minimize their impact?

    Yes, online gaming dangers are a real concern, including cheating, hacking, harassment and data breaches. To minimize their impact:

    - Practice good security hygiene: Use strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication for gaming accounts.
    - Be cautious and report issues: Avoid cheat software, report abusive behavior and use in-game reporting tools.
    - Keep personal information secure and exercise online etiquette to reduce risks and enjoy a safer gaming experience.
  • How can I identify and resolve the risks of online gaming effectively?

    To identify and resolve risks in online gaming, be aware of common threats like cheating, hacking and harassment. Use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication and report issues promptly to protect yourself and enjoy a safer gaming experience.
  • Is it safe to play online games with strangers or are there potential dangers involved?

    Playing online games with strangers can be safe, but there are potential dangers to be aware of. These risks include encountering cheaters, hackers and harassment. To stay safe, use strong security practices, report issues and use in-game moderation tools when necessary.
  • What are some practical measures to safeguard my online gaming privacy?

    To safeguard your online gaming privacy:

    - Use strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication.
    - Avoid sharing personal information, use pseudonyms and check privacy settings to control who can interact with you.
  • How do hackers target online gaming platforms and how can I prevent falling victim to their attacks?

    Hackers target online gaming platforms through phishing, malware and by exploiting vulnerabilities. To prevent falling victim to these attacks, use strong passwords with two-factor authentication, be cautious of phishing attempts, keep your software updated and only download games from reputable sources. Avoid sharing personal information and report suspicious activity to game administrators.
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