25 April 2024
Case Studies

Acronis Advanced Automation is an invoicing time saver for Racom Business

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• Time-consuming manual invoicing tasks.
• Complex professional services automation (PSA) software.
• Lack of support with the previous vendor.
• Robust contracting and invoicing features.
• Ease of use and streamlining capabilities.
• Knowledgeable and responsive vendor–service provider support.
• Nearly 1,000 clients.
• Integrates with QuickBooks Online.
• Helps keep track of and maintain accurate invoicing.
• Reduces billing time from days to hours.
• Eliminates manual invoicing processes and improves operational efficiency.

Chicago-based service provider reduces invoice generation time from days to hours with Acronis Advanced Automation 

Racom Business is a telecom and software solutions provider that offers robust services to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. As Racom Business’s client base grew, manual tracking of their clients’ contracts became burdensome and time consuming with their PSA tool. Racom Business needed a new business automation solution — specifically, one that integrated with QuickBooks Online. Acronis Advanced Automation checked all the boxes. Today, Racom Business reports that billing is much easier and invoice generation is swifter.

“The amount of time it saves me — it allows me to do so much other stuff. Automation has just simplified everything and made it easier ... The manual process to go one by one to invoice maybe took me a few days. It’s helped me bring it down to a few hours.”
Alex Presman, President, Racom Business

Read the case study to uncover how Racom Business reduced billing time from a few days to a few hours. 

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