30 July 2023
Case Studies

Taking command of security: Acronis #TeamUp Program pairs Mavenspire with the Washington Commanders, offering exceptional data recovery and increased brand awareness

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• Washington Commanders’ data, a critical asset, is well-protected under Acronis
• MSP Mavenspire experienced dramatically increased brand recognition after joining the #TeamUp Program
• The #TeamUp Program connects MSPs with large community centered around Commanders — and not just IT

A healthy sports team requires more than just strong athletic talent and exceptional tactics, it takes an equally skilled team working behind the scenes to keep the team safe and stable. Sports teams are just like any other business, requiring dedicated staff and a functioning and well-protected digital infrastructure. The Acronis’ #TeamUp Program enables the leading cyber protection company to partner with a managed service provider (MSP) and professional sports teams, securing the team’s backend while offering a far reach of exposure for all parties involved.

Representatives from Acronis spoke with John Winborn, Vice President of Technology for the Washington Commanders. Prior to joining the Commanders, Winborn spent two years with Italian Soccer Club AS Roma, working on the Stadio Della Roma project. Prior to that, Winborn spent seven seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, where he led all technical operations for the Cowboys, AT&T Stadium, Star in Frisco, and all Jones family-related entities. Acronis also spoke with Mike McBride, Vice President of Channel and Strategy for Annapolis, Md.-based MSP Mavenspire. McBride has over 25 years of technological experience under his belt, joining Mavenspire after over a decade of working with the MSP as a vendor and partner.

“We sleep better at night”

Acronis and the Commanders initiated their partnership in 2019. The Commanders’ data is one of its most critical assets, Winborn says. Between player data, fan information, video data and more, protecting the team’s data is an important priority for the team. In the unlikely event of an attack, the team must ensure it has a quick and efficient backup solution in place, leading them to choose Acronis as their cyber protection provider. “I can’t say enough how helpful they’ve been,” Winborn said. “It’s made us sleep better.” Winborn also praised Mavenspire and their exceptional customer  service. The MSP, he says, pushes the team to stretch the capabilities of its infrastructure. “They truly treat us like they have skin in the game,” he says.

Mavenspire partnered with Acronis two years ago, McBride explained, with the MSP taking primary advantage of Acronis’ marketing tools. With the help of Acronis’ #TeamUp Program, Mavenspire can get its name out there, drastically increasing the MSP’s reach. “It allowed us to go bigger than we would have anticipated otherwise,” he said. McBride praised the various benefits and perks that came with the #TeamUp initiative, such as being able to attend events like the NFL Draft. Events like these enable both networking and client bonding opportunities, benefiting overall the MSP’s bottom line. The ability to get involved with not just the team, but the community around the team, McBride said, was one of the most attractive features of Acronis and the #TeamUp Program — including nontech companies previously out of reach. McBride also announced that the MSP is working closely with Acronis to get on its partner advisory board, giving the MSP even more influence and say than was previously thought possible.

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