28 May 2020
Case Studies

Aures Secures POS Systems with OEM Version of Acronis Cyber Protect - Backup Standard

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Aures has thought long and hard about its client’s needs - not only for great aesthetics, but also the need to guarantee the smooth operation of their business. If there is a glitch in a system, the client shouldn’t need to panic or lose valuable time. So if a system crashes, Aures responds quickly and without any fuss. An engineer is sent to the client with a replacement terminal, in order to replace any defective parts on the spot.
While this approach works perfectly for the replacement of defective hardware such as a motherboard, it is more problematic for defective hard drives - since a hard disk failure may mean loss of data. Unless data has been backed up beforehand, it may be permanently lost.
For this reason, Aures historically offered the option of a “security package” that consisted of Acronis True Image personal backup software and a compact flash card on which clients could store their backup files.
Acronis and Aures then worked together to refine the package. Instead of Acronis’ personal backup solution, clients who purchase the security package now receive a customized OEM version of Acronis Protect - Backup Standard- the company’s business solution.

Cyber Protect
formerly Acronis Cyber Backup