26 April 2018
Case Studies

Service Provider WDR-S Expands Business With Acronis Backup Cloud

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WDR-S deals with large amounts of client data, which need to be protected and defended from cyberattacks. As the business grew, WDR-S realized that their legacy backup software and traditional method of copying files no longer provided sufficient protection and did not deliver the required speed of recovery (Recovery Time Objective, RTO) and ability to select a point in time to recover (Recovery Point Objective, RPO) demanded by its clients. Manual weekly backups were prone to error and took an excessive amount of time and resources to complete. WRD-S’ customers required automation and a guarantee that their data would be protected to the highest standard.

After carefully examining several different vendors, WDR-S selected Acronis Backup Cloud as the universal solution for their data protection needs. Acronis Backup Cloud, which is part of the Acronis Data Cloud platform for service providers, enabled WDR-S to provide complete protection and dramatically improve the RPO and RTO for their customers. Instead of running one backup per week, the company began to perform daily backups of the customer’s important data and devices, storing backup files locally and in the cloud.

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