Zero Downtime: Infinite Demands

Downtime. It can cost your company countless dollars in lost productivity. Ruin long-standing customer relationships. And put you at legal risk for not complying with industry or government regulations in a timely manner. It’s no wonder that the old “up and running” timeframes for IT departments don’t hold water anymore.

Virtualized Data Risks
Virtualization presents enormous opportunities for businesses of every size—otherwise it wouldn’t be so popular.

But it also serves up a number of intense challenges—among them, the increased risk of data loss and massive outage.

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Virtualization Backup: Too Much Data, Too Little Time
We all know it so well. A backup window extends over the deepest, darkest hours of the night — a necessary operation that takes place after your company has closed for the day, but before it opens for the next. It’s repeated time after time, every day or week or month. But, this very familiar business process is changing…

Evolving Your Virtualization Strategy
What a decade it’s been. From the earliest days of server virtualization over 10 years ago, to the heterogeneous, multiple hypervisor world of today — virtualization has brought enormous changes to IT.
Backup for Dummies
Over the last several years, data protection has drastically changed. Gone are the days when data was stored in one location, on one system. Today’s data is stored in multiple locations on physical servers, desktops, laptops, virtual machines, and the cloud.
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