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The digital world never stops moving. One of the best ways to make sure your organization is #CyberFit, and ahead of the curve is by pulling insights from the expertise of the global ITOps community. To do that, you’ve got to know where the most influential conversations, networking opportunities, and technology showcases will occur: that way you can get your name on the guest list.

To make that easy for you, we’ve sifted through all the IT conferences in 2020 to offer up the ones that we’d recommend for your priority list. (In case you were interested, we’ve given the same treatment to channel conferences and cybersecurity conferences.)

Don’t miss out on the knowledge-sharing opportunities the year ahead has in store. Mark your calendar with some of these 29 top ITOps conferences in 2020 to make sure you’re up-to-date with the most exciting insights from the industry.

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Meeting Opportunities

Information Technology Meetups: 1,864 groups with 826,258 members IT Professionals Meetups: 1,358 groups with 651,143 members DevOps Meetups: 4,824 groups with 2,611,600 members System Administration Meetups: 1,811 groups with 922,666 members Year-round Conferences Microsoft Ignite: The Tour @MS_Ignite #MSIgnite #MSIgniteTheTour January-December Visiting 30 cities across North America, Asia Pacific, Europe-Middle East-Africa, and Latin America Cost to attend: Free registration Microsoft’s conference is hitting the road this year with destinations across the globe. Developer attendees can join more than 350 industry experts and guest speakers to take part in more than 100 deep-dive sessions, technical training sessions, and workshops that highlight how DevOps professionals can build solutions, migrate and manage infrastructure, and connect with industry leaders and peers from their own communities.   DevOps Days @devopsdays, #devopsdays January-December 42 cities across North America, Asia Pacific, Europe-Middle East-Africa, and Latin America Cost to attend: Free registration DevOps Days is a worldwide series of technical conferences that cover software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them. These non-profit events are aimed at creating, developing, and supporting regional DevOps communities everywhere around the world.   Q1 Conferences Oracle OpenWorld @oracleopenworld #oowlon February 12-13  London, UK Cost to attend: Free registration Oracle OpenWorld returns for another year of insights into the data-driven world. In 2020, attendees at the show will take a deep dive into modern business IT with focuses on 10 diverse topics, ranging from data management and business intelligence to AI, machine learning, blockchain, and robotics. IT professionals, sysadmins, and developers are among those who will benefit from this learning opportunity.   O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference @OReillySACon #OReillySACon February 23-26 New York, NY, USA Cost to attend: Bronze Pass: $1,795  Silver Pass: $2,195  Gold Pass: $2,595  Join hundreds of developers in New York to network with and learn from industry experts as they share their knowledge of software architecture skills and technologies, with a particular focus on microservices and cloud computing – as well as emerging trends in AI, machine learning, and data analytics.   CloudFest 2020 @CloudFest, #CloudFest March 14-19 Europa Park, Germany Cost to attend: Standard Pass: 399€ VIP Pass: 1,199€ CloudFest 2020 is the second in a three-year themed arc. While the 2019 event focused on hyperscale enablement, 2020 will focus on how AI helps IT businesses maximize the potential that hypervisor partnership offers. Specifically, CloudFest 2020 will explore how the cloud industry is preparing for the AI evolution in terms of technology, oversight, economics, and morality – and how attendees can be in the driver’s seat when it does. Themed tracks will include: cybersecurity, AI-driven uptime, sales and marketing, AI reselling, and AI and the human brain.   Gartner Digital Workplace Summit @Gartner_inc, #GartnerDWS March 16-17 Phoeniz, AZ, USA Cost to attend: Standard Price: $3,275 Public-sector Pass: $2,750  The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit offers digital workplace leaders, architects, IT leadership, and application leaders an opportunity to accelerate workforce productivity and agility through emerging technologies and innovations. Join industry experts and more than 600 digital workplace leaders for two days and more than 50 research-driven sessions.   Adobe Summit @AdobeSummit, #AdobeSummit March 29 – April 2 Las Vegas, NV, USA Cost to attend: Regular Pricing: $2,095 (pricing ends April 2) At the Adobe Summit 2020, you’ll join communities of Adobe Experience Cloud, Magento, and Marketo users. In this company, IT professionals can take part in more than 400 sessions and labs across 11 content tracks, network with B2B marketing leaders from around the world, and hear from leaders in marketing automation, analytics, advertising, and commerce.   Q2 Conferences Google Cloud Next @googlecloud, #GoogleCloudNext April 6-8 San Francisco, CA, USA Cost to attend: $1,699 (pricing ends April 7) Google Cloud Next offers IT professionals, developers, executives, and Google experts together for three days of networking, learning, and collaboration. Attendees will gain a behind-the-scenes look at Google Cloud technologies, use cases from industry-leading brands, and insights into tech and business trends through more than 500 immersive sessions with industry leaders.   The Dublin Tech Summit @DubTechSummit, #DTS20 April 22-23 Dublin, Ireland Cost to attend: 259€ Celebrating its fourth year, the Dublin Tech Summit has quickly emerged as Europe’s fastest-growing tech conference. Attendees at the 2020 event will explore topics including emerging technologies, diversity, environment scaling, and more. Join more than 10,000 attendees and 200 speakers from more than 70 countries around the globe.   Connect IT Global #ConnectIT May 4 – 7 Las Vegas, NV, USA Cost to attend: Standard Registration: $850 (until May 7)  Connect IT brings together thousands of leading IT professionals, business owners, and industry leaders to discuss the ever-evolving march of information technology and its impact on modern business. Attend to dig into the latest trends affecting managed service providers and internal IT teams, and collaborate to set the course of IT management for the future. Rich with interactive sessions, in-depth training, socializing, and explorations of the latest technologies, the agenda is designed to give IT professionals a focused and efficient way to extract more value from the tools they rely on.   IBM Think 2020 @ibmlive, #think2020 May 4-7 San Francisco, CA, USA Cost to attend: Super Saver Rate: $1,995 (pricing ends February 14) Early Bird Rate: $2,295 (pricing ends April 5) Standard Rate: $2,495 (pricing ends May 7) IBM’s annual business and technology conference returns to provide IT professionals with hands-on experience with the latest advancements in open technologies from hybrid multicloud to data and AI, all while meeting the industry leaders who use them. Connect with IT pros, sysadmins, developers, and more and design an event curriculum specifically for your business needs.   Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2020 #IngramMicro #CloudSummit May 12-14 Miami Beach, FL, USA Cost to attend: Standard Registration: $850 (January 1 – April 10) Late Registration: $950 (April 11 – May 14) Ingram Micro’s Cloud Summit promises to help build and expand your channel revenue dramatically by giving you access to one of the world’s most powerful cloud-buying networks. You’ll join 2,000+ cloud professionals, including the top global resellers, service providers and vendors, and hear from industry pros (that have included SAP’s CEO, VMware’s COO and Morgan Stanley’s vice chairman) and be among the first to see the latest in SaaS, IaaS, XaaS and IoT technologies in action. Attendees can expect to get go-to-market resources and cloud expertise, gaining what they need to deliver the solutions customers need today.   Digital Enterprise Show @DES_show, #DES2020 May 19-21 Madrid, Spain Cost to attend:  Three-day Business Pass: 60€ Three-day Premium VIP Pass: 675€ Three-day Honour Pass: 1,500€ The Digital Enterprise Show connects 26,000 IT professional attendees with 500 digital experts and more than 300 top tech companies. Each year, this gathering in Madrid focuses on the upcoming digital changes in the world of business and the crucial knowledge, skills, and solutions that will help to shape the future of the banking, healthcare, tourism, and public sectors.   Citrix Synergy @citrix, #citrixsynergy May 19-21 Orlando, FL, USA Cost to attend: First-timers: $2,195 (until February 14), $2,195 (February 15 – May 16), $2,395 (May 17-21) Alumni: $1,745 Government rate: $1,445 Group rate (five or more full conference passes, until May 15): $1,745 Citrix Synergy supports IT professionals at all stages of their careers by educating attendees about methods and technologies available to achieve greater productivity, higher employee engagement, and increased business agility. Through expert training sessions, networking with industry experts and thought leaders, and hands-on tech demos, IT pros can feel equipped with the knowledge needed to success in the modern digital world.   Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit @Gartner_Inc #GartnerSecurity June 1-4 National Harbor, MD, USA Who should attend: Cybersecurity pros, DevOps Cost to attend: Early-bird (until April 3): $3,475 Standard: $3,825 Public-sector Rate: $3,150 (proof of eligibility required, 2020 increase expected) Group Rates Available: contact for details At Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2020, find out how to shift the organizational culture to improve cybersecurity, privacy, and business resilience. You’ll learn leadership and communication skills to get business leaders on board making security and risk priorities across the entire enterprise. Get a comprehensive update on cybersecurity threats and solutions. Hear new best practices for cloud security, AI, IoT, blockchain, DevOps and other challenges.   Ignite20 USA @PaloAltoNtwks June 1-4 Austin, TX, USA Who should attend: Cybersecurity pros, NetOps, DevOps Cost to attend: Until May 1: $1,345 Until August 31: $1,545 Until November 8: $1,745 The Ignite’20 USA cybersecurity conference presents the most advanced security technology so attendees can see the benefits firsthand. With customized learning paths scaled for both beginner and advanced, this four-day event offers technical hands-on learning experiences, best practices tips, and customer deployment stories. Benefits Security Operations, Network Operations, and DevOps professionals.   Monitorama @monitorama, #monitorama June 8-10 Portland, OR, USA Cost to attend: $700 Heralded as an “inclusive event for monitoring and observability practitioners”, Monitorama events welcome experts from the open source development and operations communities to advance the capabilities of observability software and practices. Explore new tools and techniques while hearing from industry experts and community leaders.   SRECon20 Asia Pacific @SREcon, #SREcon June 15-17 Sydney, Australia Cost to attend: TBA SREcon120 Asia/Pacific is a gathering of engineers who care deeply about site reliability, systems engineering, and working with complex distributed systems at scale. It aims to be inclusive, bringing together ideas representative of our diverse community, whether its members are focusing on a global scale, launching new products and ideas for a small business, or pivoting their approach to unite software and systems engineering.   O’Reilly Infrastructure and Ops Conference @OReillyInfraOps, #OReillyInfraOps June 15-18 Santa Clara, CA, USA Cost to attend: TBA in February when registration opens Organizations face with the need to transforming IT infrastructures and operations into a more effective modern model—one that’s distributed, intelligent, and predictive. The implications of AI and automation are forcing engineering teams to completely rethink their foundational systems. The O’Reilly Infrastructure and Ops Conference is designed to provide the training and tools needed to successfully manage existing legacy systems while migrating to modern and responsive, predictive, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure—without interrupting your day-to-day business.   Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations, and Cloud Strategies Conference @Gartner_inc June 16-17 Frankfurt, Germany Cost to attend: Early-bird Price: 2,525€ + VAT (pricing ends April 17) Standard Price: 2,875€ + VAT Public-sector Price: 2,275€ + VAT (proof of eligibility required) The adoptions of fast-moving technologies – from cloud, edge computing and the Internet of Things, to DevOps and AIOps – are cutting across the functional roles of typical IT infrastructure and operations teams, demanding a new kind of dexterity. IT professionals who attend the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations, and Cloud Strategies Conference 2020 will learn ways to accelerate their business innovation and agility in a hybrid world, enabling a stronger digital future.   Q3 Conferences VMworld 2020 @VMworld, #VMworld August 30 – September 3 San Francisco, CA, USA Cost to attend: TBA VMware’s annual VMworld conference returns in 2020 with six distinct learning tracks: hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, modern apps, networking security, digital workspace, and emerging trends. Join IT professionals from around the world to learn how the business world will evolve in response to these developing technologies.   IFA 2020 @IFA_Berlin, #IFA20 September 4-9 Berlin, Germany Cost to attend: TBA IFA in Berlin presents the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe, offering a comprehensive overview of the international market and attracting the attention of visitors from more than 130 countries.   SpiceWorks SpiceWorld 2020 #SpiceWorldATX September 15-17 Austin, TX, USA Cost to attend: Gated form directs you to event packages For 12 years SpiceWorld has brought together thousands of IT pros and hundreds of tech brands to build connections, enhance learning and help each other tackle the every day. This three-day event features how-to sessions, peer networking, and tangible interaction with the latest IT products and solutions.   IT Arena @LvivITArena September 25-27 Lviv, Ukraine Cost to attend: TBA IT Arena is a tech event with a global outlook and scale. Productive networking, business matchmaking, and a festive spirit are IT Arena trademarks. Three intensive conference days catalyze exponential growth and inspire new solutions and business ideas. IT Arena expands the limits, uniting global tech in Ukraine.   DRJ Fall 2020 @drjournal, #DRJfall September 28 – October 1 Phoenix, AZ, USA Cost to attend: Standard Registration: $1,295 Certified Individual Registration: $1,165.50 The Disaster Recovery Journal’s biannual conference in 2020 is focused on building the future of IT resiliency. IT professionals at the event will discover techniques and technologies that help reduce downtime, increase workplace safety, secure data, reduce overall risk, and facilitate skill development.   Digital Transformation Expo Europe @DTXseries #DTXEurope September 30 - October 1 London, UK Cost to attend: Not available: Contact the organizers for registration fees One of the best events for cloud, infrastructure and cybersecurity pros in Europe. While the 2020 show is still in the planning stages, the 2019 event addressed the latest in data analytics, AI, software development, IoT, and blockchain. In addition to insightful speakers, attendees enjoy technology demos, case studies, and training courses.   Q4 Conferences Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit @451Research #HCTS October 5-7, 2020 Las Vegas, NV, USA Cost to attend: TBA To address the imminent broader production phase of cloud deployment – and the business benefits that will expand beyond cost-savings and agility – the 2020 Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit (HCTS) will dive deep into how to attendees can facilitate “better, faster, more valuable” outcomes using cloud technologies. Specifically, participants can expect to explore how DevOps and cloud-native techniques will drive more secure, stable and scalable infrastructure. Trademark analyst and executive sessions are still being planned but can be expected to frame the three-day program, with numerous networking opportunities to foster critical relationships in addition.   Acronis Global Cyber Summit 2020 @Acronis #AcronisCyberSummit October 19-22 Miami, FL, USA Cost to attend: New Year Special Pricing: (Until February 10) $250 Early-Early Bird Pricing: (February 11 – May 31) $550 Standard Pricing: (After August 31) $750 The Acronis Global Cyber Summit is bringing together the world’s largest community of cyber protection professionals for a two-and-a-half-day global conference committed to the improved protection of critical data assets and systems. Featuring business and thought leaders from around the world, it is the must-attend event for managed-IT service providers, IT infrastructure managers, CIOs, ISVs, and developers. Attendees will learn the latest about how artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud services can help protect against loss and security breaches.   DevOpsCon @devops_con, #DevOpsCon November 30 – December 3 Munich, Germany Cost to attend: TBA DevOpsCon gathers IT professionals – with a particular focus on DevOps professionals – to share the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies for building and maintaining secure, scalable, and resilient software systems. Join this year’s conference to learn how you can maximize your organization’s productivity and push your skills to the next level.   AWS re:Invent @awscloud #reInvent November 30 - December 4 Las Vegas, NV, USA Cost to attend: TBA Amazon’s re:Invent event gives AWS developers and customers a chance to discuss new products and features, and explore how different tools can be leveraged for cloud, IT, and cybersecurity needs. Featuring keynotes, training sessions, certification opportunities, and networking activities, the user conference is ideal for AWS customers, developers and engineers, system administrators, and systems architects.

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A Swiss company founded in Singapore in 2003, Acronis has 15 offices worldwide and employees in 50+ countries. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is available in 26 languages in 150 countries and is used by over 20,000 service providers to protect over 750,000 businesses.

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