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Acronis Cyber Foundation Program: Celebrating five years of achievement!

Acronis Cyber Foundation Program
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The Acronis Cyber Foundation Program was founded in 2018 with the goal of making education available to all, and over the past five years, we have been able to achieve remarkable results by building 23 schools (with 18 completed by 2022 and five in progress during 2023) in 22 different countries around the world, benefitting more than 5,500 children. To support education even further, every finished school has been equipped with an additional computer classroom — if circumstances allow it — and this has provided children both access to technology and the benefit of a global digital learning environment.

Undertaking this work over the past five years has not been a small task and has required the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program to make large investments into social responsibility and to partner with other organizations to help achieve our mission. To generate the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time, we are grateful to be collaborating with Groundbreaker, our official charity partner, that handles all aspects of the implementation process of our school projects.

Impact through partnerships

To make an even greater impact, we always strive to involve partners in our projects. In addition to increasing our resources and thus enabling a broader scope of action, it also strengthens the bond between our companies and provides a unique experience for all employees.

We are proud and humbled to be able to help our world through this challenging and rewarding work and we are thankful to the many partners that have made these achievements possible, including companies like GoDaddy, CloudFest, RNT Rausch, Zebra Systems, Climb Channel Solutions, BusyMouse, Ubistor and many more. We look forward to what we can achieve together in the future.

IT Skills training

The Acronis Cyber Foundation Program has been able to work in various parts of the world conducting IT training programs for ex-offenders, migrants, veterans, children, youth and seniors to both bridge the digital gap and increase employment and study opportunities. See below the results we have been able to achieve for each of these programs.

IT Skills for migrants in Switzerland

IT Skills for migrants is a three-week program in computer and soft-skills training for migrants in the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen, who would like to obtain practical IT skills that will help them find a job. The Acronis Cyber Foundation Program runs this initiative on a yearly basis in partnership with Constructor group and our governmental partner Integres, an organization facilitating the integration of the immigrant population of Schaffhausen into the local society and to support them on their way to obtaining better employment and study opportunities in the town. Acronis and our partners have supported the program by teaching classes, and through this initiative, we have already helped more than 70 students in Switzerland over the past three years.

IT Skills for ex-offenders, seniors, youth in Singapore

We launched IT Skills classes for ex-offenders in 2018 in partnership with the Yellow Ribbon Fund in Singapore, and over the last five years, 120 people have completed their certification training and as a result, have gained valuable skills to help secure employment.

We also run multiple cybersecurity, cybersafety and scam awareness sessions and workshops that covered over 13,000 people of all ages in 2022, and have been very encouraged by the enthusiasm of Acronis volunteers engaged in this initiative.

Global humanitarian aid

We launched a humanitarian aid program in 2020 following the COVID-19 outbreak and have supported several communities in Guatemala, Peru, Senegal, Lebanon and South Africa that were in crisis during the pandemic by supplying them with food, sanitary packages and stationery items.

In 2022, all of us watched the events unfolding in Ukraine and saw the terrible impact that this had and continues to have on this country and its people. We responded by connecting with UNICEF, Red Cross Bulgaria and various in-country organizations to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need — reaching over 3,500 people. We’re proud of our Acronis team members who donated personal time and resources to welcome refugees from Ukraine into their homes and provide educational materials to children displaced by war.

From books to active learning online

We started publishing children’s educational books in 2018, and over these five years, have published five on vital scientific topics as well as books for little fans of racing. These include Acronis Chronicles, Internet Security, Formula Fun, Formula Green, and Acronis and the Quantum Computer. While we appreciate printed text as a timeless, proven way of sharing knowledge, we recently decided to pause book production in favor of online learning programs, which we started two years ago, and which are giving children access to digital media and online technology.

For the past five years, we have been creating positive change and this is just the beginning! The Acronis Cyber Foundation Program remains focused on its commitment to partnering with other organizations to make a difference together, and we invite you to join our mission at www.acronis.org, and we'd be happy to tell you how you can partner with the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program at foundation@acronis.org.

The Acronis Cyber Foundation Program comprises a set of philanthropic initiatives. We are not a non-profit organization, but rather a group of like-minded Acronis employees, partners and friends united to support multiple community development projects.

Since the start of the program in 2018, we have been strongly focused on education: we engaged in school construction (implemented in partnership with the Groundbreaker foundation), IT skills training (in partnership with Yellow Ribbon Fund, IMDA, Integres, SAH Schaffhausen) and other educational and humanitarian aid initiatives for children and adults.

To mark our fifth anniversary in 2023, we are expanding our focus to also include environmental projects.

About Acronis

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