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Definition: What is DLP?

Data loss prevention refers to tools and processes to prevent data leakage or loss. It also helps you guard against misuse of data or unauthorized access to information stored and managed in business systems.

You can use DLP software to organize sensitive data without certain requirements. For instance, if your business must comply with HIPAA, DLP software monitors your data accordingly. The software allows you to monitor your data and ensure it's stored and managed in alignment with HIPAA. At the same time, the software notifies you if any data activities occur that could cause you to violate HIPAA regulations.

DLP software can also be beneficial for tracking the flow of information to different business departments. The software lets you track and evaluate data flows to understand how information moves throughout your business. As such, the software can help you identify and address data leakage vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can exploit them.

How Does DLP Work?

A data loss prevention solution looks at data across your business. From here, the solution contextualizes content and can filter out cyberattacks based on words. This allows you to get notifications if any data activities occur that indicate data is susceptible to cybercrime.

DLP solutions work in different ways. For instance, some DLP solutions use data fingerprinting, which lets you analyze data stored in databases based on myriad criteria to ensure it's properly protected. Comparatively, certain DLP solutions rely on machine learning to review data and ensure you can fully protect it.

If you're considering DLP, you should learn as much as possible about how it works. Then, you can select DLP technology that is easy to use and works well across your business operations.

Different Types of DLP Technology

Some of the most commonly used types of data loss prevention technology include:

1. Network

This technology lets you secure emails, web applications, and other network communications. It allows you to encrypt network data and flag or block the flow of network information as needed. You can use the technology to verify your network data is managed and stored in accordance with industry mandates, too.

2. Cloud

You can use cloud DLP technology to simultaneously protect your data stored in the cloud and limit the risk of cloud data leakage. The technology gives you visibility into the data stored and managed in SaaS and IaaS applications.

3. Endpoint

With endpoint DLP technology, you can extend data loss prevention to all of your business' endpoints. The technology lets you secure data across your endpoints and manage user access to your information.

Benefits of DLP

Data loss prevention solutions won't stop cybercriminals from trying to access your sensitive data. However, the solutions keep you up to date any time hackers launch cyberattacks.

You can use a DLP solution to receive an immediate notification any time your data assets may be compromised. This helps you quickly and efficiently respond to such incidents and limit their impact.

Let's not forget about the cost and time savings that a DLP solution can provide, either. The solution lets you identify signs of data leakage before they can cause data exposure. This helps you keep your sensitive data safe and avoid potential compliance violations. It also allows you to prevent data leakage before it happens. 

DLP Use Cases

With a DLP solution, you can get insights into data security threats. The solution analyzes your data and helps you determine which threats are relevant to your business. Then, you can take measures to protect against these threats.

A DLP solution can give you a glimpse into how cybercriminals can attack your business. The solution can help you identify data security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. This can make it easier than ever to optimize your security posture.

You can utilize a DLP solution for incident response as well. The solution keeps you in the loop if cybercriminals try to capture your sensitive data. If an attack occurs, you can instantly respond to it. Over time, you can discover the best ways to stop data leakage, even as cybercriminals develop and launch increasingly sophisticated attacks.   

Limitations of Traditional DLP

A traditional DLP solution lets you track all incoming and outgoing business data within an environment. Yet, the solution can fall short of expectations when data is sent outside of the environment. In this scenario, a business can no longer track its data.

Furthermore, a traditional DLP solution can be tough to deploy and manage. The solution can require an extensive learning curve. If a business makes even a single mistake during deployment, it risks data leakage. Meanwhile, the business must configure its DLP solution and keep it up to date. Failure to do so increases the risk of data exposure.

Comparatively, a best-in-class DLP solution emphasizes the user rather than data itself. The solution empowers users to share data across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. It also ensures data is tracked, regardless of where it travels. And if there is ever a risk of data compromise, a user and other stakeholders are notified accordingly.

A top-notch DLP solution is also simple to install and manage. Since the solution is designed with the user in mind, it can be seamlessly integrated into a company's operations. This ensures a business can use the solution to consistently guard against data leakage. 

Acronis Advanced Data Loss Prevention – Best DLP Software

If you want an enterprise DLP that's easy to learn, deploy, and manage, check out Acronis Advanced Data Loss Prevention. You can use our DLP solution to discover and protect your sensitive data when it's at rest, in transit, or in use.

Key features of Acronis Advanced Data Loss Prevention include:

·         Access controls you can use for all of your devices

·         Communications controls you can enforce over plain and SSL-encrypted traffic

·         Data fingerprinting based on various data classifications

·         Real-time alerts to keep you informed about any data leakage issues

·         Automatic remediation of data leakage problems

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