AVLab: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office scores best remediation time, 100% detection rate in independent evaluation

AVLab Cybersecurity Foundation, an AMTSO member and independent testing laboratory based in Poland, evaluated Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office in their March 2023 test series. We’re pleased to announce that our solution landed in the top three tested products with regards to the "pre-launch score" — measuring malware detection rates before execution — and took the top spot in remediation speed with a time of only four seconds.

Test methodology

In this evaluation, AVLab tested a total of 12 security solutions. 567 unique malware samples were used, of which 496 were hosted over HTTP and others over HTTPS.

The testing laboratory obtains its samples from a variety of sources, including low- (Dionaea, SHIVA, HoneyDB) and high-interaction honeypots. All of them emulate services such as SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, SMB, FTP, TFTP, real Windows systems and email servers. They also used public malware URL feeds — MWDB by CERT Polska and MalwareBazaar by Abuse.ch.

All tests were run on virtual Windows 10 machines with a 50 GB SSD, two cores and 8 GB of RAM, specs reflective of a typical low-end office machine.

AVLab specifically split detections into pre- and post-launch stages. A strong score for pre-launch detection is highly preferable, as it shows the solution stopping malware before its execution — and subsequent harm to your system — can even begin. The post-launch stage measures malware detection after execution has begun. This number does not account for threats that were already caught in the pre-launch stage.

AVLab also measures Remediation Time Average (RT). This is the time, expressed in seconds, between a malware sample’s first introduction into the system via browser and its subsequent detection and resolution by the security solution. This measurement is only for threats detected at the post-launch stage.


Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office caught most threats in the pre-launch stage, which accounted for more than 93% of all detections. This is the third-best result among all solutions tested, and powerful evidence of the product’s excellent protection capabilities.


Post-launch detection accounted for less than 7% of cases. What’s particularly important is that detection of executed malware was accomplished very quickly — within four seconds, the fastest results in the test. Some competing solutions required more than three minutes to detect such threats.

Between these two stages, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office managed a perfect 100% detection rate of real-world malware used in the test.

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