Detection and Response

Add a layer of security to detect, stop, and analyze threats that evade other defenses

Last line of defense - protect your endpoints and data from attacks others miss

Add an additional layer of security with threat detection and response capabilities that enhance your anti-malware defenses. Ensure thorough cyber protection and empower your security team with deep visibility – without burying them with unnecessary noise.

Benefit from a modern approach to threat prevention

Acronis Detection and Response adds post-breach threat detection and response capabilities to your security stack. Identify and stop threats that have bypassed other defense layers while empowering your security team with deep, forensic analysis on each incident.

  • Automatic, real-time protection

    Automatic, real-time protection

    Automatically stop threats once detected, unlike solutions that require manual or semi-manual threat hunting and remediation.
  • Threat-agnostic protection

    Threat-agnostic protection

    Block sophisticated threats that evade conventional defenses such as APTs and zero-day attacks with a unique CPU-level analysis that allows action earlier in the attack chain than other technologies.
  • Zero trust approach

    Zero trust approach

    Increase the threat detection accuracy with a zero trust approach, identifying any deviations from legitimate OS or application behavior instead of having to identify constantly evolving attack techniques.
  • No data deluge

    No data deluge

    Empower your service delivery and security teams with direct access to cyber analysts and email security experts that monitor all customer traffic and analyze malicious intents with ongoing reporting and support.
  • Low TCO

    Low TCO

    Leverage an unmatched detection speed that allows you to prevent all threats before they reach end-users, compared to the reactive approach of standard email security technologies.

Acronis Detection and Response

Add a layer of security to detect, stop, and analyze threats that evade other defenses

Winning the war on malware requires multiple defense layers

Complement Acronis Detection and Response with Acronis Cyber Protect acting as a first line of defense, which unifies backup, recovery, next-gen anti-malware, and endpoint protection management in one integrated solution.

  • OS hardening
    Strengthen your security posture with custom, granular block rules, aligned with your organization's needs and control the user groups for which the policies are set.
  • Allowlisting
    Add exceptions to Acronis Detection and Response threat prevention capabilities based on your organization's needs to reduce the unnecessary noise even further and control false positives.
  • Detection mode
    Ensure smooth deployments, avoid any process disturbance, and enable rapid incident response from your security team by gaining deep visibility into any attack with real-time alerts and threat analysis.
  • Prevention mode
    Identify threats, automatically block them before they harm your organization’s data, and get access to advanced forensic analysis of each incident. Instead of being reactive to breaches, you’ll stop them in real-time.
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
    Leverage threat-agnostic protection managed by Acronis security analysts. Gain 24/7 security and the intelligence necessary to protect your data, infrastructure, and assets from new and evolving threats – providing you with the ultimate protection and peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a real-time protection?

    Many standard solutions aimed at catching advanced attacks force security professionals to implement reactive protection – responding to threats after they have already damaged your organization to remediate the damage. This is due to the fact that solutions used for threat hunting usually monitor all endpoint and network activities, relying on security professionals to analyze tremendous amounts of data to catch and investigate any suspicious activity.

    With the real-time protection of Acronis Detection and Response, you’re able to identify and stop all activities that deviate from normal OS behavior, ensuring threats are stopped after they have evaded your other defensive layers and infiltrated the organization, but before those threats are able to do any harm.

  • Is advanced forensics essential for my business?

    The focused and detailed visibility, combined with advanced forensics on any threat, allows you to strengthen your organizations’ security posture. Security professionals will be empowered to fully understand the attacker steps (when, where and how the attack happened), as well as who on the network was affected with meaningful and actionable forensic data -such as granular visibility into the attack timelines, origin, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and what the attackers attempted to accomplish.

    Access to such forensics is essential for any mid-sized organization (including service providers) or enterprise, as it allows them to proactively remediate damage by identifying and closing security gaps, understanding breaches to properly remediate them, and being aware of attack methods used to penetrate your first-line-of-defense solutions. This forensic analysis provides the needed visibility to strengthen your security posture and ensure no threats pose a risk to your organization.

  • What can Acronis Detection and Response protect me from?

    Acronis Detection and Response acts as a last line of defense that supplements to your existing anti-malware protection. The solution is specifically designed to catch advanced attack techniques that other solutions miss, including new or unknown malware and ransomware, fileless attacks, zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs).

    The problem with standard endpoint security solutions is that they rely on identifying the attack techniques to prevent them. Attackers are constantly implementing new methods and techniques, however, which turns this approach into an endless chase – one in which the bad actors are always a step ahead. .

    In contrast, Acronis Detection and Response applies a zero-trust approach that ensures no threat is missed. By relying on positive OS behavior, which is always the same, and catching any deviations from it, our solution can identify and prevent any attack technique, even ones that were never seen before.

  • Why is cybersecurity important?

    In today’s world, data is an organization’s most valuable resource, making it a favorite target for cybercriminals. While data creation, processing, and storage is increasingly done at the edge with growing operational complexity, attacks are increasingly easier to facilitate, as cybercriminals have access to greater computing power, advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, and ransomware-as-a-service business model. Moreover, attackers are continuously implementing advanced techniques such as fileless malware or zero-day exploits to bypass standard defenses.

    In the context of ever-growing cyberthreats, organizations need to implement cybersecurity to protect their data, systems, and applications. A single layer of protection is no longer enough to prevent more advanced techniques. You need multiple layers of security and a last line of defense with zero-trust approach to block any malicious process, regardless of attack techniques used. .

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