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From the data that keeps your business moving to the personal information you share and store online, your devices hold the files, images and conversations that matter most.

In fact, adults around the world now spend 6,5 hours a day online through their computers, phones, and tablets. You rely on these devices every day. Are you keeping them – and the information they hold – safe?

Protect what matters most in your digital life this World Backup Day.

6,5 hoursAmount of time people spend online each daySource: GlobalWebIndexWorld Backup Day

Cyber protection 101

What is backup?

A full image backup is a complete second copy of all of the data stored on a device like your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It captures everything from your emails and videos to your apps and preferences. By storing this second copy separately from the original, everything on your device that matters to you is safe and accessible in the event of an accidental deletion, system crash, or malware attack. World Backup Day

  1. World Backup DayPersonal and professional data The files on your computers and smartphones need protection to withstand data loss events. Backups allow you to easily recover what matters to you - whether that's individual family photos and videos, or important business presentations.
  2. World Backup DayApplications To access and modify your data, you need applications. Companies rely on apps like Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint to keep business moving. Having backups of your application data ensures that you can restore quickly and pick up where you left off, regardless of what caused your data loss event.
  4. World Backup DayOperating system (OS) Whether your device relies on Windows or macOS, it is the operating system that is running your machine. Without it, your device is a brick. Keeping an updated backup of your OS means you can reinstall it with all of your preferences intact.
  5. World Backup DayFull system Whatever the cause of your data loss, recovery is faster and easier with a mirror image backup of your system. It creates an exact copy of all your data, apps, and system settings to ensure you have everything you need to recover anything you want.

Why everyone needs protection

At work and at home, your devices store irreplaceable information. Unfortunately, it’s very easy – and very costly – to lose this data.

World Backup Day22% of hard drives fail in their first four years Source: ComputerWorldWorld Backup DayWorld Backup Day

World Backup Day29% of data loss is due to human error Source: CSOWorld Backup Day

Business continuity begins with backups

How businesses suffer from data loss

  • World Backup Day60%of businesses fail within six months of losing their data because of a disasterSource: 3rd Eye Advisory
  • World Backup Day40%cease operations within one year of a critical IT failureSource: IMPACT Technology Group
  • World Backup Day93%file for bankruptcy within 12 months if blocked from their data for 10+ daysSource: SSE Network Services
  • World Backup Day44%of companies ravaged by a fire fail to ever reopenSource: IMPACT Technology Group

10 seconds How often someone in the world is attacked by ransomware Source: ComputerWorldWorld Backup Day

World Backup Day$600 billion Global losses from cybercrimes each year Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies

Make sure you’re protected

How to back up

The easier it is to create your backups, the more likely you’ll actually do it and the more protection you have against accidental or malicious data loss. Acronis delivers user-friendly backup solutions with robust, built-in features that let you defend your business data and personal information in just a few clicks.

World Backup Day

Five Steps to Back up

  • 1Keep a local copy of your backup When you’ve lost data, you want a quick, reliable way to get it back – and that’s what local backup delivers. Copying files to hard drives, USB flash drives, external drives, tape, or other devices attached to individual systems or devices connected via a local or wide area network is a fast and easy way to ensure you have what’s needed to restore any file, app or system.
  • 2Store another copy in the cloud “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” applies to data too. Cloud backups provide the redundancy needed to ensure your data is always safe – even if a fire, flood, network-wide malware attack or other threat destroys both your original files and local backups.

    Plus, cloud backups not only isolate your data from local threats, they also give you the ability to access your files from anywhere.
  • 3Secure your data from malware Historically, backups allowed you to restore your system following a ransomware attack without having to pay the criminals. Now crooks target backup files to keep you from bypassing their attacks. Only Acronis delivers secure backup solutions featuring an integrated, AI-based anti-ransomware defense that stopped 400,000 attacks last year and automatically restores any affected files.
  • 4Ensure your data is authentic Data tampering is a growing threat, so it’s critical that you know your documents, files and backups are safe from unauthorized changes. Only Acronis offers backup solutions that put the power of the blockchain in your hands – allowing you to notarize files to prove they are authentic and unchanged, or have users electronically sign documents in a unique, verifiable way.
  • 5Streamline your defenses with Acronis and Windows Defender Online attacks are growing in complexity, but you can easily strengthen and simplify your defenses simultaneously. Windows Defender, Microsoft’s built-in anti-virus, provides traditional signature-based protection, while Acronis’ modern AI-based anti-ransomware tech effectively stops zero-day attacks that can be missed by signature-based defenses.

    Running these two solutions protects you from everything – even malware that’s never been seen before.

Protect your Personal Data

AcronisTrue Image 2020Buy now

  • Effectively Use cloning and mirror imaging to make a duplicate of your system, capturing all of your data for disk migration or system recovery.
  • Systematically Back up to a local drive and to the cloud for the dual protection of always having on-site and off-site copies available.
  • Rapidly Quickly recover your whole system or a specific file with confidence, knowing that the backup is as good as the original.

Protect Businesses of All Sizes

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  • Without Interruption Ensure business continuity by recovering from disaster in seconds by proactively avoiding downtime.
  • As You Grow Keep every bit of your data protected no matter what technology you onboard or the amount of data you generate.
  • While You Work Run backups as often as you need, with no impact on overall performance. Improve your RPO and save money in case of disaster.

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  • World Backup DayA ransomware attack completely locked up my computer, but luckily I had installed Acronis True Image prior to the infection. A big thanks to Acronis for turning this nightmare into a remarkable experience!Sam B
  • World Backup DayData is king in our business and it's great to know that with Acronis, it's fully protected. Acronis' technology is fast and intuitive, and it helped optimize our IT resources.Graeme Hackland,
    CIO Williams Martini Racing
  • World Backup DayAcronis incorporates interesting leading-edge technologies designed to help thwart a range of threats and minimize any potential data loss.Phil Goodwin, Director IDC

World Backup Day