April 12, 2024
Case Studies

NHL’s Florida Panthers and LAN Infotech block cyberthreats from skating by with Acronis Advanced Security + EDR

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• Mounting threat landscape and cyber risk.
• Increased complexity and inefficiencies.
• Secure, reliable protection and automation capabilities.
• Easy deployment, installation and rollout.
• Cutting-edge innovation and forward-thinking vendor product roadmap.
• Shared business values and a dedication to helping nonprofit organizations.
• 2,300+ protected endpoints.
• Winning partnership and brand promotion via the Acronis #TeamUp Program.
• All new clients must install Acronis Security + EDR.
• Cost efficiency and unmatched value.
• Unparalleled technical support and business continuity.

Fort Lauderdale-based service provider and #TeamUp partner score ‘great value’ with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud


LAN Infotech is a Florida-based managed service provider (MSP) that serves small to midsize organizations with a primary focus on legal and nonprofit vertical markets. Backed by 15 years of managed IT services experience, LAN Infotech ensures clients achieve success by implementing proven technology solutions. The team is committed to staying up to date on the latest technologies, including cloud computing, virtualization and security solutions. In recent years, LAN Infotech garnered significant achievements, including being awarded MSP 500: CRN Global MSPs and South Florida Daily Business Review “Best of 2020,” as well as being spotlighted in the Channele2e Top Vertical Market MSPs.  


LAN Infotech recognized that the expanding threat landscape posed several challenges when it came to monitoring their clients’ endpoints. Cybersecurity was at the forefront of every client’s mind, and the MSP remained focused on reinforcing security, improving efficiency and reducing costs. It was essential that the new cybersecurity solution not only protect clients, but also consistently roll out the latest features and capabilities without requiring intervention.  

Additionally, LAN Infotech required a solution with automation capabilities. The opportunity to streamline cyber protection operations would give the team a winning advantage in the market. Automation would empower LAN Infotech to rapidly add new clients, create deployment packages and get products implemented across their services and client base. 

According to Michael Goldstein, President and CEO of LAN Infotech, finding a security vendor that shared the same passion for supporting nonprofit organizations was a key differentiator. For Goldstein, helping the community and making the world a better place was integral to LAN Infotech’s mission and core business identity. The opportunity to partner with a vendor with similar values would be a huge bonus. 


A long-time Acronis partner, LAN Infotech protected client data and environments with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud — specifically for backup and anti-malware. Goldstein shared that over the years, Acronis had replaced several backup vendors. Regarding Acronis’ antivirus and anti-malware, Goldstein loved the security that Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud offered because “it just worked.” And when LAN Infotech learned of Acronis Advanced Security + EDR, the team was intrigued.  

“We always thought that Acronis has been an innovator and a forward-thinking company,” Goldstein said. “From the single agent to the integrated console, endpoint management and all the integrations in the past 6–12 months, Acronis has brought a lot to us.” LAN Infotech enjoyed Acronis’ ongoing innovation and continuous investments in the product roadmap. There was a clear commitment to enhancing technology that stood out to the company, and the team recognized Acronis as a pioneer in cyber protection. 

Impressed with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s ecosystem of natively integrated solutions, LAN Infotech chose Acronis Advanced Security + EDR as the ideal solution. Goldstein noted that LAN Infotech engineers embraced the decision to add Acronis Advanced Security to their stack given the team’s consistently positive experience with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

"As we saw Acronis push out EDR and higher security products, we recognized it was a great value for us to just flip that switch and be able to roll these solutions out ... Our clients are well protected at a great price."
Michael Goldstein, President and CEO, LAN Infotech

The result 

After using the solution for some time, LAN Infotech determined that their clients are more confidently secured with EDR. The team also enjoyed the ease of setup, deployment and implementation that Acronis’ integrated solutions offer. It was simple to roll out Advanced Security + EDR across their client base with their existing VSA tool. Clients only need to sign in once and automatically Acronis’ EDR will be implemented on their endpoints. For instance, if a LAN Infotech client already had Acronis backup on their workstations, they could deploy EDR with a flip of a switch. Acronis empowered the team to turn on additional services or turn off services as their clients requested it. 

LAN Infotech shared how Acronis’ automation capabilities helped the business. “Automation has been key to LAN Infotech over the past 3–4 years,” Goldstein said. “As we became more involved with Acronis, we quickly realized they were at the forefront to automate all the services that we provide through Acronis. It gives us the ability to leverage our VSA portal to just add a client, push a couple of buttons and have that client’s information automated and created inside the Acronis console,” reported Goldstein. 

With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Advanced Security + EDR, LAN Infotech delivered differentiated cyber protection to their clients. According to Goldstein, helped them improve operational efficiency, enhance cybersecurity of their clients’ IT environments and unlocked new growth opportunities via the #TeamUp Program

With a small price differential, Acronis solutions are of such great value that LAN Infotech’s decision to add Advanced Security + EDR was a no brainer. LAN Infotech is now confident that their clients were holistically and reliably protected without the high costs associated with traditional EDR solutions. Today, Advanced Security + EDR is now a part of LAN Infotech’s default service offering. All new clients of LAN Infotech become part of Acronis’ solution ecosystem.  

One of the major benefits of Acronis was the personable and responsive partner support that LAN Infotech continuously received. According to Goldstein, “We are proud to be an Acronis partner. The support team from Acronis was amazing. I know that if I dial one of three phone numbers, they will always pick up the phone for me. If they cannot get back to me right away, they send me a text or an email message. I feel like the team that supports LAN Infotech really looks out for our relationship and our business, and keeps us running.” 

They also gained unique opportunities to promote the brand, gain marketing exposure and collaborate with renowned sports organizations through the Acronis #TeamUp Program. This facilitated LAN Infotech’s winning partnership with the NHL’s Florida Panthers. Through the program, LAN Infotech developed a close relationship with the professional hockey team to extend their business’ reach and now the MSP’s logo can be seen on the ice, scoreboard and throughout the Panthers’ arena.

Additional highlights 

Goldstein was also motivated by Acronis’ dedication to helping the community and nonprofit organizations. He was moved by Acronis Cyber Foundation and its commitment to building schools across the globe, helping to bring IT skills to communities, providing relief to natural disaster victims and other supporting educational and humanitarian aid projects. For LAN Infotech, Acronis’ like-minded drive for helping the community and contributing to philanthropic initiatives made the relationship an even more rewarding experience. Now, the MSP uses Acronis’ natively integrated solution for backup, Microsoft 365 backup, email security and Advanced Security + EDR. 

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