June 21, 2019
Case Studies

Racing Point UK Limited saves 156 hours each year partnering with Acronis

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Racing Point UK Limited is a British Formula One racing team based in Silverstone, United Kingdom. To protect their business infrastructure and critical race data, Racing Point originally used a proprietary backup solution to back up to traditional DAT tapes. Unfortunately, this process lacked the ease and efficiency the team needed from their backup and recovery solution and left them with the added costs of storing and maintaining an exponentially growing volume of physical media.

Just two weeks after choosing Acronis as a technical partner, Racing Point had their new Acronis solutions, Acronis Cyber Cloud and Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, fully deployed. Because of this ease-of-use, the IT team at Racing Point is able to save three hours each week, or 156 hours per year, that were previously dedicated to managing backups. Moreover, because these backup files are now saved in Acronis Cyber Infrastructure appliance instead of in safes full of tapes, the team is seeing a reduction in storage costs and significantly faster recoveries whenever they’re requested – a benefit that can’t be overstated for Racing Point, where lost data can directly lead to lost races.


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