November 12, 2020
Case Studies

Williams Racing adds new layers of protection with Acronis Cyber Protect

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As one of the world’s leading Formula 1 teams, Williams Racing has been winning Grands Prix for more than four decades. Founded by Sir Frank Williams, Williams Racing first entered F1 in 1977. Since then, Williams has won 16 FIA Formula One World Championship titles, becoming the third most successful team on the grid. 

Williams has been using Acronis Cyber Backup to protect its data. The solution is installed on roughly 300 servers and 1,500 endpoints and is protecting nearly half a petabyte of data. 

Williams has also been an early adopter of Acronis Cyber Protect, a unique, new AI-enhanced solution that integrates data protection with cybersecurity. Enriched with next-generation, full-stack antimalware protection and comprehensive yet simple endpoint management tools, Acronis Cyber Protect simplifies daily operations and reporting, all while combating advanced cyberattacks with new use cases enabled by integration. Since all these capabilities are delivered and managed through a single solution, it eliminates the increased complexity and cost caused by relying on multiple vendor solutions, saving on licensing, deployments, testing, and training.

Cyber Protect
formerly Acronis Cyber Backup