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Video game developer Ubisoft, known for games like the Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Just Dance, and Prince of Persia series, has suffered a ransomware attack at the hands of the very active Lapsus$ ransomware gang — who also recently claimed victims like Samsung and Nvidia.

The primary goal of the Lapsus$ group is to steal sensitive data and use it to extort money from their victims by threatening to release the data publicly if the ransom is not paid.

While there were issues with accessing Ubisoft's web-based services in the wake of the attack, it does not appear that any personal information of players was put at risk. All games and services have already been restored to full functionality.

The Active Protection included in Acronis Cyber Protect detects and blocks ransomware like Lapsus$, keeping your data safe from encryption or extortion.