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The American technology company Nvidia, known for its computer graphic cards, has been compromised by Lapsus$ ransomware.

Nvidia is a undeniably high-value target, having reported a revenue of over $16 billion last year, and employing over 18,000 people worldwide. The ransomware group claims to have stolen 1 TB of sensitive data from Nvidia; some employee data has already been leaked.

Nvidia did fight back, as the attackers had to use a VPN client which also uses a MDM solution in order to connect to the corporate network. After the company realized this, they used this channel to connect back and encrypt the stolen data at the attacker’s side.

Whether you are faced with Lapsus$ or some other form of ransomware, Acronis Cyber Protect keeps you safe with its included Active Protection technologies — detecting and blocking even never-before-seen ransomware threats based on the malicious behaviors they exhibit.

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