Acronis OEM storage solutions turn commodity storage devices into powerful image-based backup and recovery solutions. Based on Acronis' award-winning backup software, Acronis OEM software packages for storage solutions feature simple, intuitive interfaces that appeal to consumers across all market segments and enhance end-users’ out-of-box experience.

Acronis True Image OEM for Windows Server

Provides backup and disaster recovery for individual servers

Acronis True Image OEM for Windows Server creates a complete disk image backup that is perfect for OEM System Builders who are looking for a server based application that allows for fast and easy on-site restore to factory state. The software also allows the end user to make complete image backups that contains a full operating system as well as all applications and data. For a more complete server backup application, Acronis also offers both Acronis Backup and Acronis Backup Advanced software priced for the OEM market.

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Acronis Storage

Provides the reliable, scalable and cost-efficient Software Defined Storage Solution for backup & archiving. Acronis Storage eliminates limitations of hardware storage systems by shifting the management of traditional storage challenges around reliability and data access to the software layer. Acronis accelerates cloud storage offering time to market for Service Providers managing Backup & Archive volumes ranging from 50TB up to multiple Petabytes. To find out more about Acronis Storage