AnyData Engine

Key Features

  • Complete and Flexible New Generation Data Protection
    Complete and Flexible New Generation Data Protection
    Defend more hypervisors, including RedHat, KVM, Oracle VM, Citrix Xen, VMware and Hyper-V, with simple licensing per host allowing protection for an unlimited of VMs.
  • Full Disk and Virtual Machine Imaging
    Full Disk and Virtual Machine Imaging
    Advanced snapshot-based image backup and recovery of physical and virtual machines. Patented snapshot technology speeds up backup and minimizes system overhead, so protected system does not have to be put off-line during backup.
  • Unified Backup Format
    Unified Backup Format
    Data is stored to your choice of disk, tape or cloud using our patented Unified Backup Format optimized for speed, data compression, deduplication and flexibility. High efficiency algorithms reduce storage, IO and CPU requirement and enable unified, fast, easy and granular access to multiple versions of files, applications and systems across all workloads.
  • Single-pass Block-level Data Management
    Single-pass Block-level Data Management
    Eliminates the need for multiple agents for application, file and block-level data capture and dramatically increases speed and efficiency by preserving metadata in Universal Backup Format.
  • Granular Recovery
    Granular Recovery
    From a single-pass backup, granularly recover at the object, file, application or system level.
  • Centralized Management
    Centralized Management
    Easy re-branding by changing a CSS style sheet.
  • Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Backup
    Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Backup
    Full integration with vCloud Director using the VCD REST API to preserve all VM configuration settings.
  • Room to Grow
    Room to Grow
    Per-tenant reports to allow flexible billing. The reports include: number of backed up virtual machines, total size of backed up virtual machines, total RAM/CPU of backed up virtual machines, total backup size.
  • Active Restore
    Tracks operating system I/O requests and restores blocks when the OS needs them, continuing to restore other blocks in the background. This dramatically saves time and allows booting a machine and starting applications long before a restore is complete.
  • Universal Restore
    Bare-metal restore enables recovering an entire server in minutes, either to the same or dissimilar hardware or virtual server. If the new hardware is different, Acronis injects the new drivers required to support the new hardware.
  • Flexible Any-to-Any Migration
    The combination of unified backup format, Acronis Universal Restore, and incremental backup of live machines makes it very easy to migrate servers between any physical, virtual and cloud platforms and any locations, local or remote.
  • Converting any system backups to any VM Disk format
    Effectively enabling zero-time VM recovery, you will just need to start the VM to recover your physical, virtual or cloud system.
  • Compression and deduplication
    Saves time, space and network bandwidth for any backup.
  • Encryption
    High-grade encryption (AES-256) is available as option to protect any data and any communication channel from unwanted attention.

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