Mac Marketing Pros – 5 Impactful Tips for Better Productivity and Happier People

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In today's world of striving to gain competitive advantage and doing more with less, cutting edge technologies to increase sales - like digital marketing - are on the forefront of every CEO’s mind. As a result, many companies are currently advertising for new marketing professionals, especially in the digital marketing sector.

And what’s their device of choice? Today’s young and bright marketing graduates who have been “digitized” since they can walk clearly prefer Macs. Not only do they tend to own their own Macs but they often use up to three mobile devices – and they expect to use them at work!

The need for a company BYOD policy can no longer be ignored. Today’s young professionals (like my 17 year-old son, Louis - a graphic arts student), want to use their Macs at work and wherever they are working.  Unless you can afford to equip each of them with a Mac and properly manage the user experience, your marketing team’s productivity is at risk of going down.

When it comes to ensuring a consistent user experience (especially a Mac experience) in a mixed environment of Windows and Macs, that’s when the frustration and issues kick in for everyone, including:

  • Long delays when accessing folder contents
  • Inability to rename or move files due to permission issues
  • Very time-consuming and inaccurate search results
  • Overall slow performance, effecting productivity
  • Inability for Mac users to access files from mobile devices
  • Problems with key applications, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite.

For the marketing team, the above issues mean lower productivity and a poor user experience. For IT Administrators, they mean more support calls and increased costs.

Here are five tips to help your marketing team get the most out of their Macs to streamline productivity and efficiency and take the pain out of Mac and Windows integration:

1. Evaluate your Windows/Mac environment

How many users and devices do you have: Macs, Windows PCs, servers, and employees, contractors, interns, etc.? Check for consumption of resources, per department, such as storage capacity for example.

2. Conduct a User satisfaction survey

Carry out an internal user survey to identify efficiency and productivity opportunities within the different departments that are using different devices.

3. Implement a company-wide BYOD policy

Allow your employees to use their personal devices for work to enhance their productivity and overall work satisfaction.

4. Ensure all employees have a consistent and productive experience – Mac and PC users

Provide your marketing team with the ability for real-time collaboration on work and documents, as well as the secure transfer of heavy files – all with a user experience that is consistent and productive.

5. Ask an Expert!

If you need help, contact your preferred IT solutions reseller or managed services provider for assistance.

There are some solutions on the market to help companies manage the mix of Macs and PCs, but you might want to take a close look at ones like Acronis Access ConnectAccess Advanced, or Acronis Mass Transit, which are ideal for helping Marketing profressionals in today's world of BYOD.

To learn more, hear how Iovate Health Sciences, a successful consumer goods company, equipped their team of 50 marketers with Acronis Access Connect to improve its Mac-user performance and satisfaction.

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