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For you, like for many IT professionals, backup is time-consuming, and very often, simply a boring task. Backup should be simple, right? Take your data and create a copy somewhere else in case you lose the original. Yet, you have to spend time and effort to find the best solution, implement it, manage and monitor it, report to your manager – and do numerous other things with backup storage, hardware and the network – all just to backup.

You think to yourself: “All of this effort just so I can restore a file or a system some day?”

Well, there is more to it than that!

So, why do you really back up?

Backup is About More than Restore

Of course, restore is an essential function of your backup solution – maybe even the cornerstone. But restoring servers, files and workstations is not the end game – not even close.

You restore files because someone needs them to keep the business moving, and cannot work efficiently without them.

You may restore a workstation belonging to an employee or senior executive – but, those employees may sit idle while they wait for it to happen, losing time and money.

You may restore servers where entire departments were forced to stop selling, purchasing, manufacturing or servicing clients.

The ultimate reason for backup and recovery is to maintain business continuity. You back up so you can restore, so people can work, so the business can run.

As the company data protector, you need to protect the entire business. You cannot protect just one part of it – just one system, just the virtual stuff, just your servers. In today’s digital and mobile world, you need to protect everything across your business – physical, virtual and even cloud infrastructure. You need to protect all systems and all data, all workstations, all laptops, all mobile devices.

As the IT Manager, you are the protector of the entire business. Without backup of all your data, systems, applications and devices, all the departments and employees in your organization are at risk.

Fortunately, there are backup software solutions on the market today that can easily protect your infrastructure completely and safely, including physical, virtual, cloud, applications, servers and workstations.

If you want to learn more about the value of today’s modern backup solutions, read white paper titled, 3 Reasons Why Backup is Strategic.

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