Cyber Disaster Recovery

Effortless cloud-based Cyber Disaster Recovery for Acronis Cyber Backup

Cyber Disaster Recovery
Cyber Disaster Recovery
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Ensure the instant availability of your critical business workloads

Stop losing money when data or critical applications are unavailable. Ensure quick failover to the cloud, making your infrastructure resilient and cost-efficient.

  • Easy
    Quick to deploy, easy-to-use, no training required
  • Efficient
    Affordable solution with no infrastructure investments
  • Secure
    Certified Acronis Cloud data centers and secure storage

Move beyond backup with flip of a switch Disaster Recovery

Acronis has been providing data protection solutions for 17 years. With 500,000 business customers, we’ve built a way for you to provide your organization with a world-class disaster recovery program. It’s easier than you think to consolidate your backup and DR for guaranteed productivity. Design and launch a DR implementation on your own or through one of our trusted service providers.
  • Instant availability
    One simple solution disaster-proofs your business with quick recover
  • Complete protection
    Recover any workload – virtual, on-premise or cloud
  • Cost efficient
    No infrastructure investments, no training required

What’s new in the Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Add-on

Streamline disaster recovery process with the enhanced features for the greater data availability.
  • VPN-less deployment option
    VPN-less deployment option
    Test failover and failback of your protected server easily. Keep local and cloud networks independent with the new “cloud-only” deployment option.
  • Encrypted backups support
    Encrypted backups support
    Automate DR operations using encrypted backups by allowing the system to use securely stored passwords.
  • Multiple networks support
    Multiple networks support
    Failover complex infrastructure and extend up to five local networks through the single site-to-site connection.
  • RPO tracking on recovery servers
    RPO tracking on recovery servers
    Define recovery point thresholds for servers, track RPO in real time via the web console, and get alerts if your thresholds are exceeded.

Simplified Disaster Recovery

With an unprecedented level of ease, you can configure server lists, test connectivity settings, configure orchestration and runbooks, and recover on multiple networks all in a single web-based console.

  • Disaster recovery orchestration with runbooks

    Disaster recovery orchestration with runbooks

    Automate key disaster recovery scenarios and ensure the systems are recovered in the right order to address interdependencies between applications.
  • Backup-based replication of production machines

    Backup-based replication of production machines

    Benefit from the perfect combination of short recovery times and much lower costs when compared with sophisticated replication technologies.
  • Instant off-site failover to the cloud recovery site

    Instant off-site failover to the cloud recovery site

    Get back to business in mere minutes in the event of a site outage by switching your production workloads to machines in a cloud data center.
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Cyber Disaster Recovery

Effortless cloud-based Cyber Disaster Recovery for Acronis Cyber Backup

One solution for any workload

Physical and virtual machines

  • Windows
  • Linux

Virtualization platforms

  • VMware vSphere
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Linux KVM
  • RedHat Virtualization
  • Azure VM


  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Acronis DRaaS earns Gartner Peer Insights
Acronis DRaaS Earns Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice and Singled Out in the “Voice of the Customer” Report

Customer satisfaction is the single most important aspect of any business as it leads to additional sales, reputational growth, and “word of mouth” recommendations. That’s why Acronis is honored to be named an October 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for its Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering.

Looking for help?

  • What is a disaster recovery solution?

    Disaster recovery solutions allow companies to quickly resume business-critical workloads after cyber-attacks, natural disasters or server failures. The disaster recovery process normally involves a separate physical or cloud site to restore data. Every disaster recovery solution aims to help businesses operate as usual. Since business continuity depends on high availability, disaster recovery strategies depend on RTOs and RPOs.

  • What data should I back up for effective disaster recovery?

    For reliable disaster recovery, you need to look beyond simply copying all your databases and files. Your entire infrastructure—servers, PCs, NAS, SAN—contains vital production data. You need to capture application settings, operating system configurations, bookmarks, and registry data for a full recovery. Don’t forget to back up your hypervisors and end-points—your CEO’s laptop may have more important data than most of your servers!

  • Where should I back up my data to perform disaster recovery?

    To be able to failover your critical workloads, you should back up your data to Acronis Cloud Storage (or, cold storage for backups). As the disaster occurs, your workload will be failed-over to the off-site server running in the Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Storage (or, hot storage in the Acronis Cloud).

  • Can I access Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery infrastructure globally?

    You can access the Acronis Cyber Backup management console everywhere the internet connection is available. The Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery add-on is available globally in all Acronis data centers

  • Should I test my disaster recovery plan?

    The success of your disaster recovery plan depends on preparedness of people and processes as much as the backup tools used. Ideally, you should test your disaster recovery procedures every 3 months (but no less than once a year). Do not forget to amend and extend your disaster recovery plan during and after these exercises.

  • I'm a customer with on-premises installation and perpetual license, how can I get Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Add-on?

    To start using Acronis Disaster Recovery Add-on, you will need to have Acronis Cyber Backup subscription license to access the management console in the Acronis cloud. This new cloud installation will allow you to protect new systems so you will need to configure settings accordingly (i.e. the system will not include your previous on-premises backup configurations.)

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