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Back up Your Windows Server to Hybrid Cloud Storage and Recover Your Entire Server in Seconds

Acronis Backup is the world’s easiest and fastest backup solution that protects everything on your Windows servers. With just a few simple steps, you can back up to on-premises storage and the Acronis Cloud and recover individual files, application data, or a complete system in seconds. And, with Active Protection, you can protect your server from ransomware with a technology that actively detects, blocks, and reverses suspicious changes to data, backup files, and backup agents.
  • Complete Business Protection
    Ensure Business ContinuityReduce Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of your Windows Server to 15 seconds or less. Recover to bare metal, whether it is the same or dissimilar hardware from different vendors. Migrate your Windows server by recovering an image to the cloud or a virtual environment
  • World_Fastest_Recovery
    Scale Protection as Your Business GrowsEasily scale protection to hundreds of Windows servers with backup policies, dynamic and static machine grouping, customizable dashboards, and advanced alerting and reporting
  • Flexible Storage Options
    Reduce IT Workload and CostsProtect your entire Windows Server with complete disk-imaging backup and eliminate the time spent reinstalling operating systems and applications when a server fails. And since Acronis Backup is exceptionally easy to use, it does not require IT expertise in data protection technologies to use it
  • Easy Scalable Management
    Stop Ransomware Attacks and Ensure File IntegrityEnjoy innovative protection from ransomware attacks with Active Protection, an advanced ransomware protection technology that actively defends all the data on your Windows Server, Acronis backup files, and Acronis agents from attacks
  • Innovative Data Protection
    Improve Business ResiliencyStore your Windows server backups in up to five locations, including local disks, NAS, SAN, tape, as well as proven and secure Acronis Cloud Storage
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New and Improved Features in Acronis Backup Update 2

  • Simplified deployment with All-in-One VMware appliance
    Simplified deployment with All-in-One VMware appliance
  • Improved scheduling for laptop backups
    Improved scheduling for laptop backups
  • Double protection for your most critical data
    Double protection for your most critical data
    • Simplified deployment with the new self-contained All-in-One VMware appliance with prepackaged CentOS, Management Server, Virtual Appliance and Backup Console
    • Improved scheduling for laptop backups on battery, Wi-Fi, VPN and prevention from sleeping
    • Double protection for your most critical data with 5GB of free cloud storage
    • Faster restore for your mails: Office365 to Exchange Server Mailbox Recovery and vice-versa
    • Native Integration of Acronis Storage and Acronis Backup enables backup to Acronis Storage and geo-replication
    • Simplified migration from Veeam eases upgrade to Acronis
    • Security improvements for Linux systems: Admin roles and non-root account logon for Acronis Management Server
    • Support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I make weekly scheduled backups or more frequent backups of Windows Server?
    A: When you create your first backup plan, simply select the machines that you want to back up and the software displays a new backup plan template. Here, you can select what to back up, where to back up to, the backup schedule that you want, how long to keep the backup, whether you want the backup encrypted, and whether you want to convert the backup to a VM. For more information on this topic, refer to the Acronis Knowledge Base.
    Q: How do I restore a single file or folder?

    You can recover files by using Acronis’ web interface or File Explorer. With the web interface, simply select the machine that contains the data you want to recover and the recovery point. You can then browse to the required folder or use search to obtain the list of the required files and folders that you want to recover. You can use one or more wildcard characters (* and ?). Once you click Recover, you can select the target machine and choose to overwrite an existing file if it is older, or not to overwrite an existing file. For more information on how to recover files using the web interface, refer to the Acronis Knowledge Base.

    You can use File Explorer to browse the backup, select the files/folders you need and copy them to any folder on the file system. If the backup is encrypted, you will need to enter the encryption password. For more information on how to extract files from a local backup, refer to the Acronis Knowledge Base.

    Q: Is there a quick and easy solution to protect my Windows servers against malware?

    Yes, there is. Acronis Backup 12.5 includes Active Protection, which monitors processes running on your Windows servers. When a third-party process tries to encrypt files, Active Protection generates an alert and performs additional actions, if those are specified by the configuration.

    In addition to protecting files, Active Protection prevents unauthorized changes to Acronis Backup 12.5 processes, registry records, executable and configuration files, and Master Boot Records of the protected machines.

    To identify malicious processes, Active Protection uses behavioral heuristics. Active Protection compares the chain of actions performed by a process with the chains of events recorded in the database of malicious behavior patterns. This approach enables Active Protection to detect new malware by its typical behavior. For more information on Acronis Active Protection, refer to the Acronis Knowledge Base.