Acronis 2022 ESG Report highlights current and future sustainability goals

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As a global leader in cyber protection and a good global citizen, Acronis is obligated to establishing and advocating for sustainable operations, care for the environment, and opportunities for our staff members. To demonstrate our ongoing commitment, we’re proud to release our second annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report.

Two years ago, when preparing our first report, we appointed a dedicated group of employees to sit on Acronis’ ESG committee to direct and uphold the company’s sustainability efforts. Committed to extending its ESG initiatives to be climate and resource efficient, and socially responsible for its employees, customers and community, Acronis is proud of its accomplishments.

The 2022 ESG report released this week demonstrates our commitment to helping our service providers modernize their clients’ security and backup solutions with integrated cyber protection — all in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. Among many other initiatives, we reviewed power usage effectiveness ratings for all of our data centers and put programs in place to provide a diverse and inclusive working environment for our employees. We are sharply focused on cultivating long-term benefits for all of our stakeholders.

Acronis’ 2022 ESG report highlights


·       Acronis Cyber Cloud data centers. 2022 saw the opening of 13 additional data centers, with vendors being closely vetted for exceptional energy efficiency. All existing vendors are also being reviewed to ensure they meet ESG guidelines.

·       Suppliers. Our top-50 suppliers were assessed, using a standard questionnaire, on ESG aspects, with all vendors returning a respectable score of at least 70%.

·       Mobility. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, up to 27% of greenhouse emissions can be attributed to transportation. We began encouraging staff to reduce their carbon footprint during travel, with our numbers indicating a 59% reduction in our emissions in 2022.

·       Sustainable merchandise. By using recyclable materials in our merchandise, in 2022, we saved the ocean from 1,826,000 plastic bottles — or 21,000 kg / 46,000 pounds of plastic — and are committed to continuing these sustainable efforts.

·       Renewable energy. Acronis is dedicated to exploring ways to help our partners, and especially those in developing countries, achieve access to affordable and sustainable energy sources. With the help of the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program, we successfully installed solar panels at our partner offices in Nigeria.


·       Humanitarian aid. The Ukraine crisis prompted a swift reaction from our employees, with different members of the Acronis team offering aid to those affected in the form of donations, volunteering, and other essential forms of help. Acronis also connected with UNICEF, Red Cross Bulgaria, and other organizations to provide humanitarian assistance.

·       Acronis Cyber Foundation Program.  Acronis built five new schools in 2022, among a number of other humanitarian efforts. These initiatives have positively supported over 5,000 children, while the Foundation Program also continues its efforts to supply computer training and access to otherwise neglected demographics, such as the elderly and impoverished.

·       Diversity and inclusion.  In 2022, we introduced the Women in Tech Mentorship Program, dedicated to facilitating personal and professional growth for our female employees. Acronis also completed a pay equality review in 2022, which we are committed to conducting annually.

·       Health and well-being. We provided access to the Employee Assistant Program (EAP) in 2022 in response to stress caused by pandemic isolation and current world events. The program is available 24/7 in 27 different languages, offering guidance and social support to our team. Acronis Day was also introduced in 2022 as an official no-work day where all employees were encouraged to take the day off and recharge, free from work priorities and obligations.


·       Training and awareness. Acronis recognizes the importance of keeping its employees well-trained and compliant with its policies and ethical guidelines, encouraging them to regularly read and review our policies. We also conduct periodic and mandatory security training sessions for staff as we confront the ever-evolving cyberthreat landscape.

·       Full transparency. To increase transparency and clarity for our employees, customers and community, we publish key compliance documents online at and conduct regular training sessions for all stakeholders.

Acronis strives to continue its journey of creating a sustainable future — strengthening communities on a global scale, and fostering an inclusive work environment.

To find out more, download the Acronis 2022 ESG report here.

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