How (and why) to build your cybersecurity services bundle

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It seems like every MSP is trying to build out the perfect data protection portfolio today. With rising concerns about ransomware, phishing, and supply-chain attacks, as well as other persistent threats, IT professionals are under a lot of pressure from their clients to deliver foolproof defenses. And, given today’s cybersecurity environment, that’s not as easy as it used to be.

The challenge for MSPs is putting together a cost-effective portfolio that addresses the specific threats facing their clients. Couple that with the difficulties of protecting businesses that fall into the crosshairs of skilled cybercriminals and it becomes extremely difficult to satisfy decision-makers.

The key is ensuring that everyone is on the same page with cybersecurity. Systems will never be foolproof, especially when people are involved, and some threats will never disappear, no matter how great the protection. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for a “zero risk” environment.

Aim High

Foolproof may not be an obtainable objective in cybersecurity, but it can still be your ultimate target. Your clients need and deserve the best protection available. The challenge is designing a portfolio containing the most capable solutions that address the business and compliance requirements of the diverse organizations you support.

MSPs looking to build an impenetrable cybersecurity wall face a complex and process. Targets are shifting quickly as AI and other technologies give offenders more firepower and stealthier weapons for their attacks.

End-users are also increasingly susceptible to the deceptive methods being deployed by cybercriminals, forcing businesses and their IT services support teams to constantly develop more capable cyber defenses. Many MSPs don’t take a “one size fits all” approach with their clients. Current strategies can involve a core offering of cybersecurity solutions and programs and one or more bundles to enhance specific discipline areas or add layers to strengthen protection for valuable information and systems.  

Simplify the sales process with bundles       

Cybersecurity discussions can quickly get out of hand. Between the complexities of the technologies and programs, and the numerous options available to protect various systems, it doesn’t take much to derail conversations with clients. As a result, the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) method is usually the best route.

Cybersecurity bundles are a great way to accomplish that goal.

Building a core offering with optional advanced protection packages simplifies the conversation. Your sales team can stress the high-level benefits of the top plan without getting into the “speeds and feeds” and in-depth technical details that business owners won’t have the understanding or inclination to want to discuss. Bundles allow MSPs to either start with the core and build or start high and back down their proposals based on clients’ budget restrictions and risk levels.        

That flexibility should never force you or your team members to compromise on standards. Core bundles should be robust and address the minimum requirements for an MSP’s target audience. For instance, with higher-risk clients and prospects, such as those that allow remote work or are heavily regulated, pitching the top-tier package may be the only way to go. Bundling is particularly helpful for providers with diverse populations of clients with different security needs.

Curious which technologies and capabilities should be included in your cybersecurity services bundle? Check out our guide to building essential and advanced cybersecurity bundles perfect for your clients.

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